X-Men: Days of Future Past & Let’s Be Cops Videos, and Batman Vs. Superman Casting!


X-Men: Days of Future Past introduces the sentinels, Batman Vs. Superman adds Cyborg, and Let’s Be Cops goes green band for a new trailer!

X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past has a new TV spot where bad guy Bolivar Trask introduces his new robotic creations: the sentinels. They’re big machines that kill mutants, but of course then start killing humans too so the X-Men have to save the day. Which I assume they do.

Or they won’t and this film ends on a real downer. That would be cool.

Batman Vs. Superman

Batman Vs. Superman has added yet another hero, this time playing Victor Stone, who, in the comics, is fused with robotic parts to become Cyborg. He really isn’t all that interesting a character, though since DC recently rebooted their universe he’s become a founding member of the Justice League, and he’s a bit better now. Anyways, most likely he won’t become Cyborg in this film, but will just be Victor Stone so they have him set up for an eventual Justice League. Ray Fisher has been cast in the role. He’s mostly an unknown, but has some stage experience, and looks the part, so… yay! Anyways, this means they’ll probably end up with an overly stuffed film and it’ll blow donkey nuts.

This is what Cyborg looks like:

Let’s Be Cops

Let’s Be Cops has a new green band trailer, and I honestly thought it was going to be lame, since all the good parts would be cut out, but it’s honestly really good. I still laughed a little bit, and chuckled more than a little bit. I chuckled heartily. HEARTILY!