Wonder Woman (2017)

Jaimie Alexander The new Wonder Woman?
Jaimie Alexander The new Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman‘ is an adaptation of the popular comic book character in the DC Universe, and is soon to be a major motion picture. Originally this was supposed to be a 2015 movie, but since the director just quit The Wonder Woman Movie is still a ways off, so there are few details at present. The film has gone through more writers and directors than Gigli. In some ways, the character should be easy to make into a film, but with how iconic she’s become, it may prove difficult for a movie studio to appropriately adapt the comic for the screen. It now appears Wonder Woman won’t be released till 2017 now..

Wonder Woman Trailer

Nope, but I’m tempted to throw in a Linda Carter moment in here just to throw you off. Ah heck, I just can’t help myself now. I’m sure the Wonder Woman 2017 Movie will be better than this, or can it be? How can you top this moment in time?

A New Wonder Woman Movie?

Jaimie Alexander The new Wonder Woman?
Jaimie Alexander The new Wonder Woman?

Joss Whedon was attached a few years ago to write and direct the film, but he left in 2007 due to creative differences with the studio. As of now, it looks like Matthew Jennison has been charged with writing the screenplay, although who knows if his script will make it to the screen. Various actresses have been rumored for the role, such as Kate Beckinsale, Sandra Bullock, and Beyonce. It cannot be Beyonce. I will freak out. I have nothing against her, and I’m not some racist ass, but she is not right for the role. This shouldn’t be about making a politcal statement. It’s a comic book film. Just make it good.

Rumor has it, they are hoping for a 2015 2017 release with Megan Fox (lol) in the lead to get the role of Wonder Woman.  Now, it was just reported that Actress Jaimie Alexander, best known for her role as the warrior goddess Sif in Marvel’s Thor movies is in talks to play Wonder Woman in 2017. Alexander may be the perfect choice to be honest, she’s hot… she can act…she’s hot… 

However, this isn’t really the most thought out choice for Wonder Woman. We can just imagine the studio execs sitting around a huge table, talking to Jaimie…

“Oh, you played a dark-haired woman who fights in that superhero movie, then you can play one here too.”

That’s the same thinking that lead to Bryan Singer directing a Superman movie simply because he had success with the X-Men. How’d that work out for you DC/Warner? Who do you want to see playing Wonder Woman?

Release Date

Wonder Woman will be hitting the theaters 2017.

Who’s In It?

No Confirmed Casting yet although Jaimie Alexander is in talks to be Wonder Woman.

Interesting Fact

There are various back-stories for Wonder Woman, but the one I’m most familiar with named her mother Hippolyta, who was killed by Hercules in an ancient myth, then he stole her belt.

What’s Good About It?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If you get a good director with a good script, most comic book characters can be adapted for the big screen. Oh, if Wonder Woman looks like this, I’m all for it.

Megan Fox as Wonder Woman?


What’s Bad About It?

I see Wonder Woman being especially hard for Hollywood to make, as they’ll see her as a model for feminism or some such nonsense, when she isn’t. The best possible storyline for the film will actually serve to undercut the principles of militant feminists. For example, Wonder Woman, the Ambassador of the Amazons who has been told her entire life that men are bad, visits with the rest of the world and learns that men aren’t so bad, she falls in love (with a dude no less) and fights a villain who is most likely female. So a chick will be the bad guy, and she’ll learn to love a man. Not exactly the man-hating storyline that many are looking for.

Our Clever Prediction

I’m thinking this one may be even further away than 2015. I think the studio will wait for the sequel to The Dark Knight and probably even the next Superman film before giving this the green light. DC hasn’t had the same success as Marvel, so they’ll more than likely be more careful before throwing $100 million into this project.

Wonder Woman is going to be something terrible, you can count on it.


  1. I think that casting this role would make a great reality show. I think that Wonder Woman should be played by an unknown actress (me)and they should hold open auditions with a mix of competitions based on acting and athleticism.
    Power to the people 🙂

  2. They need some strong women who maybe even do fitness competitions. These women need a little muscle and the movie needs to feel like a mix of Thor, 300, and Xena. As long as they don’t go for a skinny actress, there might be potential.

  3. Jessica Biel would be a great Wonder Woman. I hope she gets the part. Beyonce would make a fantastic Nubia if they choose to put her in the movie. I can’t figure out anyone who could play Cheetah or Giganta. They are all great villainesses.

  4. Megann Fox is too short. Remember, Wonder Woman is an Amazon!! Not a midget!! You need someone like Charlize, tall and with long legs. JMO!!!

  5. Hey, I have the best girl to be casted as Wonder Woman, how about “Emily Deschanel”. She will be the best look alike of Linda Carter. It should be considered..


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