Wolverine 3 (2017)


Word on the street ( and by the street I mean contacts in the studios) is Wolverine 3 has had all it’s troubles solved and will begin shooting soon. Hugh Jackman and good old Patrick Stewart are back in the NEW WOLVERINE SEQUEL! Yeah, I know, we have been talking about Wolverine 3 for 2 years now, but I promise it is a 2017 release now. It sort of worries me that this is yet another movie about Xavier and Logan’s friendship and struggles, it’s been so overdone in this franchise up till now. What more can these two aging X=Men do together? Logan has already travelled back in time to straighten Charles Xavier out, and the reverse is also true. What more can be done with the Wolverine character, and franchise? I think it needs a total reboot, but I’m in the minority here. I didn’t like The Wolverine, I thought it was weak, so I’m a little down on Wolverine 3 at this point.

Wolverine 3 Trailer

Nothing yet, but this spy photo looks promising. More details for Wolverine 3 as I get them.