Wolverine (2017)

Wolverine 2017 poster
Wolverine 2017 poster

There’s a new ‘Wolverine Movie’ coming , and it’s been planned as a 2017 release. It was just announced that this will be Hugh Jackman’s last time at playing Logan aka Wolverine. No plot as of yet, but rumors are running amok that Wolverine will be angry, try to kill himself, fall in love, and remember something awful about his past. Sort of like every other plot they have assigned to the Wolverine character since 2000.

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James Mangold has also confirmed that this is HJ’s last appearance , and this is probably the last sequel for a long..long time.

There is no trailer, or source material to post at this time, but we will update our Wolverine Movie page when we get it.

Release Date : Summer 2017

Trailer : Coming soon

Starring : Hugh Jackman