Witness Family, Love, and Music with Disney’s Coco



Beautiful, lyrical, vibrant, Coco surely is one of the best-animated productions of this year. Director Lee Unkrich has nourished the story for years before it landed a space on the silver screen. Produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures, Coco has touched hearts around the world within a week of its release. Audience and critics have seen cinematic philosophy change and shift drastically over the years and Coco subjugates to this change with the perfect amount of emotional resonance.



The story revolves around Miguel Rivera, a 12-year-old budding musician, who idolizes the late Ernesto de la Cruz and wants to sing and play just like him. Sadly, due to an unfortunate turn of events in the past, the Rivera family shuns any kind of musical influence. For generations, the Riveras have religiously passed on and practiced their shoe-making business. Miguel finds it hard to reciprocate his love for music and faces severe consequences when his guitar gets smashed by his grandmother.

However, his intense passion leads him to steal Ernesto’s guitar which he will later play in a competition he was to participate in. The first strum and he are magically transported to The Land of the Dead where he sets out on a quest to find Ernesto, who he believed to be his own great-great-grandfather. The entire story takes place in the fictional village of Santa Cecilia with a hint of a tribute to the lineage of Mexican customs. The story is beautifully woven with distinct emotional tracks and the background score complemented the whole experience of the movie. There are subtle pop-culture references glazed along the storyline and occasional bursts of innocent comedy. A cameo if you may say so, by an animated caricature of Frieda Kahlo was hysterical and hilarious.


Cast of “Coco”

The voice artists brought full credibility to all the characters. Anthony Gonzalez as Miguel stole the show, whereas the oh-so-pretty-please-be-mine Gael Garcia Bernal lends his voice as Hector. Other casts include Benjamen Bratt as Ernesto, Alanna Ubach as Imelda and Ana Ofelia as Coco among many others. The palette of bright, boisterous color splash along with the stunning soundtrack, make up for the lost portions of the movie. The connotations of the characters and the heartfelt storyline which gradually explains the title of the movie allure the audience.


About the Movie:

Coco is a stirring tale about fulfilling aspirations, the unexplainable contrasts between generations and also the importance of it. The title of the movie gains creative appropriation as the story rounds off with the significance of Coco, who is instrumental in shattering the groundless disapprovals of the family against music. Although similar to the customary merriment in most animated movies, Coco stands out as a celebration of life and passion. It strikes a chord with the audience with some of the hard hidden desires of human life. The approach is effortless and applaudable. It will stir your soul and make you laugh at the same time. A must watch with a thematic reference to Thanksgiving, Coco connects and gratifies the audience at each level of human sentiment.