Welcome to Yesterday (2014) – Time Traveling Bros

welcome to yesterday

Welcome to Yesterday is a found footage film about four teens who discover a time machine and alter their past, only to discover they may have destroyed the future.

Basically, it’s pretending to have an actual brain, but it’s about bros going back in time and doing really stupid, childish shit and then ruining the world. Also, they’re fucking morons and there’s no way they could’ve put together a time machine.

I’m not kidding when I say they go back in time and go to Lollapalooza. Holy shit that’s stupid. And two of them fall in love, and some win the lottery, cause why not? And then there’s the butterfly effect, which causes some disasters to happen, and they’re responsible, so they try to fix the disasters, which causes more havoc, and so on and so forth until… well, who gives a crap? This is a Michael Bay produced film that has such a limited perspective that they have the teens go back in time to see Lollapalooza.

Come on.

Welcome to Yesterday

Welcome to Yesterday is the first film by director Dean Israelite, and by the looks of the trailer it’ll be his last.

Jason Pagan and Andrew Stark wrote the screenplay. So they probably suck.


Welcome to Yesterday Trailer

Welcome to Yesterday Release Date

February 28, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Jonny Weston
Sofia Black-D’Elia

What’s Good About It?

Welcome to Yesterday might have some mildly entertaining moments and cause very stupid people to think real hard before drinking another Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

What’s Bad About It?

Are we really going to consider the possibility that a pair of writers whose best idea for time travel is hitting up a sweet rock concert could come up with a coherent story? No. No we are not.

Our Clever Prediction

I can’t imagine Welcome to Yesterday making any real money. It looks horrible, and will not make you think. It will not add anything to cinemas the weekend it comes out. Get some better ideas, Hollywood.