The Warriors (2017) – A New Warriors Movie On The Way

The Warriors Movie 2017
The Warriors Movie 2017

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  1. This is good news!!! I like this movie from the 70’s, my mother and I watched it together. Needus is perfect for this role, he’s awesome on the walking dead. The kids got major swag, he’ll do just fine in that role.

  2. The First Warriors was a great movie, i think that the new one should be just as good. Now there is three of the actors in the original warriors that have passed on the lady who’s lips are only shown as radio dj, the leader of the grammicy riffs, and the warrior that was the hispanic dude with the afro. I’ve played the video game the warriors it’s a cool game.

  3. I say the guy that takes over the riffs after cyrus death should be denzel washington…And nothing racial..but one of the black people should be done by cuba gooding jr.

  4. I’m so glad that it’s gonna be filmed in NYC! I wouldn’t see it if it was filmed in LA….. maybe.

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