Walk of Shame (2013)

walk of shame

Walk of Shame is an upcoming comedy starring Elizabeth Banks, who you might remember from my dreams. She plays a news reporter hoping to become an anchor, only to have a one night stand that leaves her stranded and making her way across Los Angeles without her phone, money or car.

The reporter has 8 hours to get across town for her interview for her dream job. Along the way she runs into a series of misadventures, no doubt funny ones, and maybe gets the interview of a lifetime. I’m guessing this interview will make up for her ratty appearance at the interview. And she gets the job because we’re all rooting for her and such.

I like it!

Walk of Shame

Walk of Shame comes from director Steven Brill, who made Little Nicky, Without a Paddle, and Ready to Rumble. Oh…. good. He also wrote the screenplay.

Oh… good.


Walk of Shame Trailer

Walk of Shame Release Date

May 2, 2014.

Who’s In It?

  Elizabeth Banks
  James Marsden
  Sarah Wright
  Gillian Jacobs
  Ethan Suplee
  Vic Chao … Shift Captain/Dispatch
  Oliver Hudson
  Willie Garson
  Bill Burr
  Kevin Nealon
  Lawrence Gilliard Jr.
  Ken Davitian
  Richard Cabral … Gangster
  P.J. Byrne … Moshe
  Alphonso McAuley
  Brandon Scott … Josh Feldman
  Eric Etebari … Biker Boy
  Tig Notaro
  Rocky Russo … Craig
  Tonja Kahlens … Ginger the Hooker
  Da’Vone McDonald … Hulk
  Liz Carey

What’s Good About It?

I like Elizabeth Banks. A LOT. And James Marsden is a pretty good actor. The concept seems good enough, and I think Banks can pull of the comedic acting while also being hot enough to be a believable news anchor.

What’s Bad About It?

I don’t trust writer/director Brill. He’s made some shitty movies.

Our Clever Prediction

I’m hopeful. It’s primarily Banks’ charisma that makes me think there’s potential for Walk of Shame, and the concept, along with the likeability of Banks and Marsden, that make me believe the film might be charming enough to watch.

Also, look at the set pics! YOWZA. I’d like to rip that dress right off her!