Videos for Fury, Birdman & American Sniper, & a poster for Big Hero 6!

big hero 6 oct 3

Fury has a new film clip with some excitement, Birdman discusses levels, American Sniper shows heart and violence, and Big Hero 6 gives a big hug!


Fury has a pretty cool new film clip today that shows some action. I like that it is as much about the suspense and fear of being a tank crew as it is about being badasses.


Birdman really is going to have people scratching their heads. I don’t think there’ll be any argument that it’s good, but rather that no one is going to be able to accurately and concisely describe this film. It’s pure insanity. It’s about a washed up actor trying to make a final stab at fame, but it’s also super meta and about a billion more things than that. I can not describe it. But it looks amazing.

American Sniper

Holy crap, American Sniper is going to win a lot of awards. The way they blend together scenes of Cooper’s family with seeing a family of suicide bombers is intense. And the pressure on the sniper is intense. He has to make life and death decisions. If he doesn’t shoot the kid he costs American lives. If he shoots him, he’s shot a kid, and the kid might not be dangerous. Wow. I don’t I’ve ever seen a film with this realistic and intense a level of decision making for a character. WOW. WOW. WOW.

Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 has a new poster showing the young boy in need of a friend hugging his new friend, a friend his dead brother BUILT. Creepy. But it’s also kinda sweet. I hope the inevitable sequel shows Baymax going crazy and hunting down and destroying all human life.

For realism’s sake.
big hero 6 oct 3