Victoria & Abdul: A movie of Britain Monarch

victoria and abdul

Victoria & Abdul movie carries an exciting name. The unseen exclamation marks leave so many unexplained sides of the story, that makes an excitement to watch about the life of Britain monarch and Indian Munshi and her personal life.

Story-    Victoria and Abdul is a movie based on the biography of Queen Victoria the powerful women of her era.  Though the movie conquers the sad and last years of the queen’s age where she develops a great bond with his Indian servant known as ‘ Munshi” the servant from Agra (India). The story starts with the old age of Queen Victoria which beautifies the bond of her servant in her last days.

The role of Queen Victoria is played by Drench who already played this role once 20 years before as Mrs Brown and won Bafta award for it and the role of Munshi is played by Indian actor Ali Faizal who has given a great performance of being a blank out servant.

Movie review-   The movie starts with the Queen’s Elizabeth life and struggle but the scenes add charm in the movie when movie portrait some best struggle sequences of Queen royal duties and colourless life. The movie poses the sadness of queen who is 68 years old and widow from 16 years who is tired of her royalty and duties performed towards the forming nation.

The sadness of Queen is superbly performed by Drench who has portrait the lonely life of a royal personality with no one around.

The twist in the tale starts with the entry of Munshi ( Ali Faizal), the Abdul Karim who gets appointed as a servant to the Victorian Queen.  The sadness of Queen Elizabeth changes into smile and laughter and the movie starts to pose a great bond between the queen and servant in a very beautiful way.   Munshi who is the advisor of the Queen for empirical decisions makes a bond of happiness with her by telling her stories of empires, teaching Quran and many more things near to the life which is more over the happiest and important part for queen over her royal duties.

The story is based on the real events and showcases the personal life of the Queen during her monarch was being investigated which helps the director to create it well. But the title leaves it unexplained if the story will add some comedy to the screen or satire will be in store. Expectations are higher with the movie cast and concept, the justice will be screened on 22nd September 2017.

You will get to see some starlets portrait as officials and advisors in the movie –

Tim Piggott as- Smith ( Sir Henry)

Eddie Izzard as- ( Bertie – Prince of Whales and Victoria’s Eldest son)

Adeel Akhtar as-  our heroes ( Munshi) Comic Assistant

Olivia Williams as- Lady Churchill

Directed by-  Stephen Frears & Screenplay-  Lee Hall