Updates for Scream 4!


So ‘stuff’ has been happening. Is it weird that when I searched for the film to see what updates I’d made I typed in Scary Movie, and not Scream?

No. You’re right that’s not weird. What’s that? Thank you. I did a couple squats last week. It’s really paying off.

So what’s the Deal?

So we got a trailer, and we have some new pictures for Scream 4. The poster was already up, but these new pics really show that David Arquette and Courtney Cox are in the movie. But wait! They’ve recently been separated! But they found love on the set of the first Scream movie! Exclamation point! Will love bloom again? !!!


Scream 4 Trailer

So here’s the trailer:

And Check out all the other info we have available for Scream 4 here.

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  1. i really liked the first scream, and the 2nd was ok. after the 3rd how many more times can they tell the same storyline over and over?

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