Up All Night


And a baby makes three…  Up All Night is NBC’s new comedy series about a thirty-something couple who just had a baby.  These befuddled parents struggle to balance their home lives and their work lives while trying to raise their newborn daughter.  New parents out there know how overwhelming a tiny little human being can be and can certainly relate to this new series.

Up All Night

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There’s a lot of good material that the show’s writers can work with on this one.  Like how a newborn can affect their careers, marriage, their sex life and how it changes their social life (no more pulling party all-nighters… you can still do that, but you have to be up the next morning to feed and change nappies of a bawling baby).  There are a lot of potentially funny scenes which many can connect with as more and more are people opting to wait in their 30s to have kids, giving us a modern take on parenthood.  I’m watching this because I loved Will Arnett in Arrested Development, I think he’s a great comedic actor.  This looks like a promising show.

The Characters

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Chris and Regan Brinkley, together for seven years, unexpectedly find themselves proud parents of a newborn baby, Amy.

Career-driven and life of the party Reagan decides to return to work two months after having the baby as a producer of a talk show.  She determines not to compromise her career or cool reputation to the clichés of motherhood as she juggles the demands of career, marriage and motherhood.  

Chris, supports her decision to go back to work and takes time off from his law career to stay home with the baby.  The new father is trying to adjust to life as a stay-at-home dad.  Both are trying to figure out their new life with a baby dealing with doubt, sleep deprivation with middle-of-the-night wakings and diaper changes and arguing over who slept more that night as well the pressure of today’s parenting protocols rattle their confidence.

Making things challenging for Reagan is her demanding boss, Ava, who is the host of the talk show Reagan is producing.  She is ambitious, needy and neurotic.

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Series Premiere

September 14, 2011 (WEDNESDAY), 9/8c on NBC

The pilot episode was so-so for me… Not a lot of “laugh out loud” moments as I would have wanted.  I loved Will Arnett’s performance, not his usual Gob Bluth kinda character.  I like his  supermarket scene (wasn’t a fan of the old lady bit, though) where he freaked out and felt overwhelmed over a quest for the normal cheese that becomes a crisis of self-worth.  Cristina Applegate’s post-baby figure was a realistic touch (I bet she’s one of the few actresses who are asked to keep the baby weight).  I wasn’t a big fan of Maya Rudolph’s character, dunno, it just felt confused.  Over-all, I’d still continue watching the show but I hope the’ll more funnier dialogues.


It will be assuming its regular time slot on September 21 (still Wednesdays), 8/7c


  • Christina Applegate as Regan Brinkley
  • Will Arnett as Chris Brinkley
  • Maya Rudolph as Ava

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