Tyler Perry’s Single Mom’s Club (2014) – Single Mothers Drinking and Bitching


Tyler Perry’s Single Mom’s Club is a new film about, well, single mothers, who come together after their brats screw up at school, and they drink wine and talk boys. Really. That’s the premise.

So the moms all come from different backgrounds, and they don’t get along with their ex husbands, or the fathers in general. They have a really hard time with their kids cause the family unit is super important. There are even lines like “If people only knew what single moms go through.”


So anyways, the women all have to start dating again so their lives can be happy or whatever. The relationships are awkward and funny, but look like they’ll be entertaining enough. I’ll probably love it, because if there’s ONE thing the Flying Banana Hammock loves, it’s women drinking wine and bitching about men. Cause… MEN ARE THE WORST, RIGHT GIRLFRIENDS?

Tyler Perry’s The Single Mom’s Club

Tyler Perry’s The Single Mom’s Club is, of course, a new film by Tyler Perry. He plays Nia Long’s love interest, and wrote and directed the film. So his fans will come out in droves and he’ll make another bajillion dollars. Good for him.


Tyler Perry’s The Single Mom’s Club Trailer

Tyler Perry’s The Single Mom’s Club Release Date

March 14, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Tyler Perry
Wendi McLendon-Covey . . . Jan
William Levy
Amy Smart
Zulay Henao
Cocoa Brown
Nia Long

What’s Good About It?

Tyler Perry’s The Single Mom’s Club will no doubt satisfy Perry’s huge fan base, at least the lady ones. It’s a chick flick through and through, and I pretty much guarantee it’s his attempt to get some single mom in bed by writing a film pandering to her woes.

What’s Bad About It?

Um… it’s a family film, so Zulay Henoa probably won’t go nude. Too bad.

Our Clever Prediction

Tyler Perry’s The Single Mom’s Club will likely be a decent success, making plenty of cash and continuing Perry’s impressive run of successes at the box office. He makes some shitty looking films, but there are enough ones with Madea to make up for his more serious flicks. It works and good for him.