Twice Born (2013)

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Twice Born is a romance about a woman who remembers the love of her young life now at a later stage as she brings her son back to Bosnia, where his father died.

Twice Born is getting a fair amount of good press from early reviews, so that bodes well.

It seems, from what I can tell, that the film jumps back and forth through time as the mother, Gemma (Penelope Cruz), visits places where she interacted with her great love, Diego (Emile Hirsch). Her son also travels the city to learn more about where his father died.

Why the frak would Penelope Cruz go for a guy like Emile Hirsch. I’M BETTER AND RIGHT HERE.


Twice Born

Twice Born comes from Sergio Castellitto, who both wrote the screenplay and directed. The film is based on the novel by Margaret Mazzantini. Castellitto has been around for a while as a writer, director and actor. He was even The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

So clearly he knows about war…

Twice Born Trailer

Twice Born Release Date

Twice Born will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. Don’t expect it to be released for your viewing pleasure till 2013.


Who’s In It?

 Penélope Cruz … Gemma
  Emile Hirsch … Diego
  Mira Furlan
  Jane Birkin
  Saadet Aksoy … Aska
  Sergio Castellitto … Giuliano
  Branko Djuric … Doctor
  Isabelle Adriani … Giornalista
  Sanja Vejnovic
  Luna Mijovic … Danka
  Juan Carlos Vellido … Official Ministry
  Adnan Haskovic … Gojco
  Milan Pavlovic
  Moamer Kasumovic
  Rijad Gvozden
  Emina Muftic
  Sven Medvesek
  Igor Zoric … Bojan
  Pietro Castellitto
  Ermin Sijamija
  Luca De Filippo
  Mediha Musliovic
  Mona Muratovic … Sobbing woman
  Mugdim Avdagic

What’s Good About It?

The trailer looks good, Penelope Cruz cause more pants-related eruptions than any other broad in the land (sexist? Yes. Accurate? Also yes.), and the film doesn’t sound half bad. I’m giving it a thumbs up.

What’s Bad About It?

I don’t much like Emile Hirsch. I just feel he’s gotten a bit ahead of himself and can’t really handle this level of acting. Of course, I said the same thing about James Franco, and somehow he’s tricked people into thinking he’s awesome (I’ll admit he was good in 127 hours, but other than that come on).

Our Clever Prediction

I think Twice Born will be a critical hit, possibly even coming out before the end of the year to garner some extra award love. Cruz and director Castellitto both have a chance at some success there I believe. Hold your breath.

You faint from oxygen deprivation. I laugh.

Brian – 1
You – Not 1.