To Rome with Love (2012)

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To Rome with Love is Woody Allen’s latest attempt at making a movie while vacationing in Europe. The story follows various people in Italy and the romances/troubles they get into.

The filmmakers haven’t quite explained every part of the story yet (COME ON) but from what I can gather, one awkward guy has the best friends in the world, as they buy him sex with Penelope Cruz. But he’s awkward, so he doesn’t do her and takes her on a tour or something instead.

Another awkward, more overtly Jewish, guy has a cool girlfriend with an even cooler friend, who likes sleeping around cause she a ‘ho. And for some reason Alec Baldwin is going to watch them have sex.

And Woody Allen complains about these kids being crazy and he’s sorta conservative.

That’s all I know. You’re welcome.

To Rome with Love

To Rome with Love was written and directed by Woody Allen. You shouldn’t need to hear about his career.

To Rome with Love Trailer

To Rome with Love Release Date

June 22, 2012.


Who’s In It?

Roberto Benigni … Leopoldo
Alec Baldwin … John
Carol Alt … Carol
Woody Allen … Jerry
Jesse Eisenberg … Jack
Penélope Cruz … Anna
Ellen Page … Monica

What’s Good About It?

I like Woody Allen, and Midnight In Paris, which I think To Rome with Love resembles in some ways, was amazing. I have high hopes here.

What’s Bad About It?

I don’t know… they probably won’t have Penelope Cruz get naked.

Our Clever Prediction

I cleverly predict To Rome with Love won’t make a ton of money, but a lot of people will really like it, it’ll get nominated for some Academy Awards, and Penelope Cruz will look through the TV screen into my soul and discover her love for me. And I’ll be all, “Nah. Maybe tomorrow.”

But tomorrow she won’t love me anymore. And I’ll have missed my chance. DAMN.


  1. Just call Jesse Eisenberg a kike and get it over with. The only thing I really have a problem with is all the beating around the bush.

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