Thor and Jack Ryan bring outstanding new Video, a Delivery Man poster shrugs & More!

delivery man oct 15

Jack Ryan launches a recut trailer, Thor: The Dark World brings on film clips and TV spots, Delivery Man goes “Aw shucks” in a new poster, and Escape Plan does it’s best to make 50 Cent seems smart!

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit has a new trailer today that’s said to be a ‘global trailer’ which I don’t totally get, but it does give a little bit of new info on the film, including some more on what the bad guy has planned. Essentially, it’s a coordinated terrorist attack. It actually looks really good, and quite exciting. And Keira Knightley looks like she has a decent role in the film, and doesn’t just play his wife.

Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World has a couple new TV spots today, and they’re really quite exciting. I don’t love the voiceover, but the action of the film looks sweet, and Tom Hiddleston/Chris Hemsworth look to be giving standout performances.

There’s also a new film clip of the villain, Malekith, waking up. It’s not a fantastic scene per se, since it’s relatively basic, but it is ominous, and seems like a bit of fun. It’s also fairly high tech, which is keeping with the general look of Thor in this current incarnation.

Delivery Man

I want to write a movie named “Delivery, Man” and it’s about a postal worker. Anyways, in this Delivery Man, Vince Vaughn plays a guy with 500 kids. This poster does NOT sum up the feeling most of us would have when faced with this problem. Most of us would say, “He did it” and point to the guy next to us. I actually did that once. Hence, I avoid my responsibilities.

Escape Plan

I feel like Amy Ryan is better than Escape Plan. Also, the plan they’re showing in Escape Plan, or the beginnings of the plan, which involved Stallone and Schwarzenegger sitting around counting how many steps the guards take, is kinda lame. You just punch them. YOU’RE ROCKY.

Or you tell them you’ll be back, and drive a car through the wall of the prison, thus freeing yourself. It’s not rocket science.