The Wedding Ringer (2015) – Kevin Hart & Josh Gad Comedy!

The Wedding Ringer1

The Wedding Ringer is a new high concept comedy that combines elements of I Love You, Man and Hitch. A guy getting married with no best friend to be his best man hires a ringer.

Kevin Hart plays the best man for hire for Josh Gad, who somehow scored Kaley Cuoco. Gad’s character told his lady love that he had a best man all lined up, but a week out from the wedding he still can’t find someone. So he’s referred to a very particular business, The Best Man Inc. Basically, Kevin Hart is the best man every guy could ever want. He provides a service for grooms so they don’t look bad on their wedding day. But it’s a business relationship. Everyone else might think they’re best friends, but it’s business.

But, of course, while they’re very different, over the course of the film they’ll become actual best friends, and Hart will be a true best man. Or maybe Hart will find love too, and he’ll pick Gad to be HIS best man.

Or mayb that’ll be the sequel. Cause that would be a good plot for a sequel.

The Wedding Ringer

The Wedding Ringer comes from The Break-Up writer Josh Garelick, who has, up to this point, only directed a short film called Is This Your Mother?

So he’s probably going to be awesome. Garelick cowrote the derivative screenplay with Jay Lavendar, whose name implies he smells wonderful.


The Wedding Ringer Trailer

The Wedding Ringer Release Date

January 16, 2015.

Who’s In It?

Kevin Hart . . . Jimmy Callahan 
Josh Gad . . . Doug Harris 
Kaley Cuoco
Ken Howard
Affion Crockett
Jorge Garcia

What’s Good About It?

The Wedding Ringer has a solid cast. Kevin Hart is on fire as of late, being one of the biggest draws in comedy in the last few years, and Josh Gad is a funny fat dude. Add in Kaley Cuoco, who isn’t much of a movie star, but is certainly a fantastic comedic lady from her work on The Big Bang Theory, and of course the uber hot Olivia Thrilby, who can be funny but who gives a shit when she’s that pretty?

That was a long sentence.

What’s Bad About It?

No super negatives right now, other than the derivative concept.

Our Clever Prediction

The Wedding Ringer is a January release, and Kevin Hart owned that this year. He’s a big time star, and brings in a lot of people amongst different groups of people. Not to be all racial, but he’s one of the biggest black comedians right now, but he doesn’t intimidate white people. I’m really not trying to stereotype here, but that is a major selling point for him, and has hugely helped his box office drawing power.