The Visit (2015)

M Night Shyamalan's The Visit

The Visit is M. Night Shyamalan’s newest pile of garbage, coming in 2015. His newest disaster, is supposed to entice you to give him one more chance. Don’t do it. Please do not watch The Visit, and maybe we can put M. Night Shyamalan out of the movie business. Please don’t forget about his track record, and awful, predictable movies.

The Visit (Which we all agree nobody will watch) follows two young kids, as they ‘Visit’ their grandparents. Granny and Grandpa apparently are possessed, or just have Alzheimers , but in the end it doesn’t really matter because the movie will suck an enormous pile of garbage. I am suspecting both grandma and grandpa are on meth, but that’s not confirmed. Plot twist! The movie is based on ‘found footage’ because M Night forgot nobody cares about this genre any longer.

So, the story moves on with the 2 kids in the countryside, and discovering something is wrong with the grandparents. Let’s go into the movie a little further, and look at what’s wrong with the Grandparents

They can be seen doing the following :

  • talking to themselves
  • walking around aimlessly
  • staring into space
  • knocking on walls
  • being paranoid
  • talking gibberish

Yeah, that’s right.. they are just old.. and while this is all frightening to people in their 60’s, the rest of us aren’t too scared by it yet.

Is there anyone left who is willing to give M Night Shyamalan and his new found-footage horror movie The Visit a chance? Not me, not even as a rental. How about you?


Everyone is dead and it’s all a dream.


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  1. At least Shyamalan thought of something creative and entertaining. I was left at a friends house of my Aunt when I was a child. My Aunt was gone for a couple of hours where the older children ages 15 and up was suppose to baby sit me and my 2 cousins. We were ages 5-7, however, I remember being pushed around and slapped by these older kids and hoping my Aunt would hurry up and come back to get us. This is why I believe this could happen to someone.

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