The Theory of Everything (2014) – Stephen Hawking’s Life Story!

The Theory of Everything5

The Theory of Everything tells the life story, and more accurately the love story, of one of the greatest minds in history: Stephen Hawking. See his early brilliance, the discovery of his Motor Neuron disease, and the courage he found to continue working and inspiring others.

Hawking was a young PHD student, quite brilliant, at Cambridge University. As he works toward becoming a doctor, Hawking is diagnosed with Motor Neuron disease, which strips him of all his motor skills, but he also falls deeply in love with a beautiful young woman who sticks with him through thick and thin. They work together to help Stephen as he continues to push further into the mysteries of the universe.

Looks like an awards contender.

The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything comes from director James Marsh, who directed Project Nim and Man on Wire. He’s working from a screenplay by Anthony McCarten, who wrote the novel and screenplay for Death of a Superhero. He doesn’t have a whole lot of experience, but the trailers at least look good.


The Theory of Everything Trailer

The Theory of Everything Release Date

November 7, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Eddie Redmayne . . . Stephen Hawking
Felicity Jones . . . Jan Wilde
Emily Watson
David Thewlis
Harry Lloyd . . . Brian
Maxine Peake . . . Elaine Mason 

What’s Good About It?

The Theory of Everything has a great cast and tells the story of one of the most famous and interesting men in the last 100 years. Hawking is truly a genius and something else when it comes to how he’s affected the world. He was only supposed to live a few years at best after being diagnosed with Motor Neuron disease, and he’s still alive and… well, not kicking, but he’s still alive today!

What’s Bad About It?

My biggest concern for The Theory of Everything is how well Eddie Redmayne, who is a great actor, will handle portraying Hawking when he’s more or less completely immobilized. Not a lot of room for an actor to improvise.

Our Clever Prediction

The Theory of Everything should get some awards love. It has the cast, the fascinating man to lead us through his life’s ups and downs, and Felicity Jones… who… well… yeah. I have a theory about her everything. It’s a boner.