The Rewrite (2014): Hugh Grant & Marissa Tomei as College Loves!

the rewrite2

The Rewrite is a new romantic comedy starring Hugh Grant and Marissa Tomei as a failing writer-turned college writing teacher and his student falling in love.

Grant plays a once great writer, winning awards and such, though he’s fallen on some hard times. His once promising career has gone basically nowhere, and he’s out of money. He needs work. He takes a job as a teacher, though he hates the concept of being a teacher, and picks his students based on how hot the girls are, and how ugly the guys are (no need for competition, am I right?). He lies to his students and tells them he’s writing about a teacher. In this way he attempts to save face. And I think he bangs a lot of his students.

Well, who wouldn’t?

Anyways, Marissa Tomei is in his class, and she’s far more age appropriate, and his heart opens and he starts to like her. And probably becomes less of a dick over time and they fall deeply in love, the end.

You should still see it thought, because… charm.

The Rewrite

The Rewrite comes from writer/director Marc Lawrence. He last wrote Did You Hear About the Morgans? and before that Music & Lyrics, which both starred Mr. Hugh Grant. So they’re buddies.


The Rewrite Trailer

The Rewrite Release Date

October 8, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Hugh Grant… Keith Michaels
Marissa Tomei… Holly Carpenter
Allison Janney… Mary Weldon
JK Simmons… J Jonah Jameson (just kidding, BUT THAT WOULD BE AWESOME)

What’s Good About It?

The Rewrite has the ever charming Hugh Grant and Marissa Tomei, and the trailer looks reasonably good. And the trailer makes college girls look stupid, which fits in nicely with my sexism, so… good.

What’s Bad About It?

There have been a billion version of this story already. Writers write about what they know, and they tend to be fucked up alcoholic assholes, so… they write about that.


Our Clever Prediction

The Rewrite might make a bit of scratch, though I don’t know that I buy it being a big hit. It looks a little too basic, and while I liked the trailer, and I have a degree of faith in Hugh Grant, I could easily see this being a flop that no one sees or even remembers thirty seconds after seeing.

So I’ll LOVE IT.