The Raven (2012)


The Raven follows Edgar Allan Poe as he helps the police track down a killer who is using his work as inspiration for murder! We published this movie back in 2010, but it has been delayed twice. Now it is confirmed The Raven will be a 2012 movie release, so we can officially get the ball rolling on this preview now.

The Raven

During the last days of his life, Edgar Allan Poe is hunting down a vicious killer, rah!!! Oh, that’s not just some crazy fan fiction thing, that’s actually the plot of the film. Uh… Cool. Not a ton is known right now, but I feel like this will end up like a Saw movie, with overly elaborate traps, only with Poe themes. So a pendulum, a bunch of man eating ravens, Usher singing one of his insanely bad songs until you kill yourself in his house. Ugh.

Something tells me there’ll be a heart found underneath the floorboards!

The Raven Trailer

The Scoop

James McTeigue (or McTeague, I’ve seen it both ways.) is directing. He’s worked with The Matrix’s Wachowski Brothers for years, as first assistant director on The Matrix Trilogy and Speed Racer, and he directed V for Vendetta and Ninja Assassin. I can’t wait for the crazy slow motion Raven flying at the screen part. Then Poe leans back and it swoops JUST past his head. Then he muses, “Something is flying, flying past my head with intent to KILL.”

I think I just made the trailer.


Who’s It For?

No rating, but I’m hoping for R.

The Raven Release Date

The Raven is now a 2012 movie release.

Who’s In It?

John Cusack … Edgar Allan Poe
Alice Eve … Virginia Clemm-Poe (rumored)
Luke Evans … (in negotiations)
Oliver Jackson-Cohen … PC Cantrell

Interesting Fact

Edgar Allan Poe created the detective story with Murders in the Rue Morgue and The Purloined Letter.

What’s Good About It?

Since he created detective stories, it seems fitting to put Poe in one. The Raven has a lot of great imagery and suspenseful moments to borrow from Poe’s stories, so it shouldn’t be light on material.

What’s Bad About It?

One issue with adapting Poe is that his stories were literary, so the words themselves were what made them so scary. Sure, the ideas are scary, but in horror, execution is everything. It won’t be enough to simply adapt the situations to the screen, something will need to be added to make it scary for a movie. So many of his stories were psychological, and that’s tough to pull off in an action film. He went inside their heads, and the film, as it is a detective story, probably won’t do that, as the ending should be something of a surprise. And I swear, if it turns out he’s insane and committing the murders, I’ll murder someone.

Our Clever Prediction

I could see this doing well. Poe, while widely known, isn’t used so much these days in film. There’s a new Sherlock Holmes film or TV show every couple years, but you don’t see that with Poe, which is a shame, but it also bodes well for the film. If McTeigue does more than just make cool looking visuals, this should be really good. I am hopeful.

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  1. John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe-Can’t wait for the movie! Cusack is underestimated as an actor. Give me John Cusack any day!

  2. I got a whole lotta John Cusack love! He is timeless; an exceptional actor that only gets better with age. Now pair him with an Edgar Allan Poe-based period piece…I can hardly wait! This will be a must-see in my house!

  3. Jen,

    Bubble Boy the Killer ~ that is VERY funny.

    John WILL always be hot and extremely popular, well in my house anyway!

    Can’t wait for this movie!

  4. I couldn’t care less about John Cusack. He’s much too old to crush on (I think he’s like 50!) LOL

    And besides it’s no longer 1987. He’s not very popular anymore.

    The only reason I will watch this movie is because of super insanely hot Oliver Jackson-Cohen. He’s yummy delicious & edible. It says he will be playing the character of ‘PC Cantrell’. I wonder if that’s the killer?! I’d much rather John Cusack be the killer! LOL

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