The Ranger’s Apprentice

The Rangers Apprentice Movie

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  1. There are 11 books. Not 9. I have read every single one back to front and I reckon this movie should at least be an M, just because there needs to be blood and the occasional swear word and because these amazing books shouldn’t be dulled down to make it suitable for children. These books changed my childhood and I really really really really don’t want the movie to be a let down 🙂 I absolutely can’t wait for this movie to come out. I’ll collect the movies, just as I have collected the books.

  2. I’m just excited. I messaged Mr. Flanagan and he said that the director loves the book series but due to film adaptation some things are going to change 🙁 but, he said he is sure he will stay true to the spirit of the series. Which I hope is true. Because so far Harry Potter is the only thing I’ve seen that has kept the spirit of the written counterpart. They had a few changes as well, so lets just see how it goes shall we.

  3. I totally i agree he has clearly not read the series it is an amzing series i hope the movie is ood ive been waiting for this for years now it will be epic i love the books and this guy clearly hasent read them

  4. I agree with pretty much everyone…this guy probably hasn’t even read the series. He’s got a lot of things wrong. But he does have one thing right…I hope they don’t jack it up like Eragon and Percy Jackson! I read all those book and they were AMAZING, but the movies SUCKED!!! I just hope they don’t do it with this too. Fingers crossed

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