The Ranger’s Apprentice

The Rangers Apprentice Movie

Details on The Ranger’s Apprentice movie are finally coming to light.  Folks this movie has been in the making for 8 years, and creator John Flanagan has just now hinted the movie is getting ready for filming in 2015, which would mean a 2016 Release Date. Considering we have been covering the movie for 7 years, I can’t say how relieved I am to finally here the movie is coming along. The Ranger’s Apprentice is NOT an unfortunately named sequel to The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Rather, it is about a young boy who is orphaned and becomes, you guessed it, the apprentice to a Ranger. The story takes place in a mythical land called The Kingdom of Araluen. The kingdom is based on Medieval Europe.

The Rangers are sort of the CIA of Araluen. They specialize in stealth and long range weapons and act as the intelligence force for the kingdom. Orphans, once they reach a certain age, are either chosen to become Rangers or go work in the fields. The main character of the novels on which the film will be based is named Will, and he most likely isn’t chosen to go to the fields. Just a guess. He must help his mentor protect the land from all sorts of foes, including sorcerers. Hello, Harry Potter.

Paul Haggis is adapting the series for the screen. He previously wrote Million Dollar Baby and Crash. So he’s all about the kid’s books. At present, the project is delayed due to funding issues, although with Haggis involved, and the fact that at present there are 9 books in the series, meaning lots of sequels for this potential new Harry Potter, it should still get made. But there may be a wait.

The Ranger’s Apprentice Trailer

Jesus people, its at least a year away, there is nothing yet.


Release Date

The Ranger’s Apprentice is looking for a 2016 release date.

Who’s In It?

Daniel Radcliffe… Will ..Just kidding. Not casting yet.

Interesting Fact

Based on a series of novels by Australian writer John Flanagan. This is the first time an Australian has ever written something that doesn’t involve man-boy love.

Or is it?

What’s Good About It?

I like Harry Potter, and this does have Haggis, so the writing and directing should be top notch.

What’s Bad About It?

I want to see a trailer before I get excited. It could end up far closer to Eragon than to Harry Potter.

Our Clever Prediction

If it gets made, which I think it will, it could be huge. One problem would be that all the other attempts to recreate the magic (haha) of Harry Potter have failed. Eragon, Percy Jackson, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Yeah, not a good forecast. Still, Paul Haggis could make The Ranger’s Apprentice really good.

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