The Raid 2 (2014) – A Martial Arts Film that Takes on the Underworld!

the raid 2

The Raid 2 is a sequel to the surprising action film from a few years back. The first story was all set in a single apartment building, and followed a young cop who fought his way through floor after floor of bad guys. It was supposed to be awesome. The sequel follows him as he goes undercover.

The sequel shows Rama, the lead, going undercover to take on the entire underworld. At least at one point Rama has to go into a prison, where he’ll fight his way through more than a little violence in order to get on the good side of the bad guys and take down the evil system.

The first film was very innovative in its approach to action choreography and how things were filmed, so there’s a good chance the followup will be equally fun and cool when it comes to butt kicking.

The Raid 2

The Raid 2 comes from the same writer/director as the first, Gareth Evans. He’s a young director, and has some horror film experience to his name, but after The Raid, I think it’s fair to say he knows how to make an action film.


The Raid 2 Trailer

The Raid 2 Release Date

April 11, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Iko Uwais . . . Rama 
Yayan Ruhian . . . Prakoso 
Donny Alamsyah . . . Andi
Tio Pakusodewo . . . Bangun 

What’s Good About It?

The Raid 2 looks like it’ll up the ante on the action of the first, and should really do a lot to make us believe in the film. I think it’ll be at the very least an excellent spectacle, and there’s a chance the story won’t completely blow.

What’s Bad About It?

The Raid is much beloved, but I don’t think it made a whole lot of money. No doubt the filmmakers are hoping to turn that around for the sequel, but I could see this struggling at the box office.

Our Clever Prediction

The Raid 2 like it’ll be one of the lesser known, but better loved, films of 2014, and will likely scratch that itch you may have for an action film with great fights that doesn’t involve a superhero.

Me? I don’t get itchy. No scratching for me! Except, you know, I’ll be seeing this cause it looks cool.