The Protector 2 (2014) – Tony Jaa Returns to Save his Elephant. Again.

the protector 2

The Protector 2 is a sequel to the cool Tony Jaa action flick from 2005. Once again, main character Kham’s elephant was stolen, and he has to use his normally peaceful kickboxing moves to kick butt and return his elephant to his backyard, where it secretly longs to be free.

Okay, I’m not totally sure the elephant wants to be set free from Tony Jaa’s backyard, but it isn’t a puppy. It needs space. Even puppies need to be walked, and good luck getting me to come over to walk your darn elephant. I only promised to walk him that one time, and honestly, it was more like he was walking me. Damn elephants and their interest in walking into women’s restrooms.

I got into the restroom, reassured the women I was simply following an invisible elephant, and asked them to act naturally. Boy, it was awkward. NO ONE wanted to address the elephant in the room…

Which was my erection.

GETTING ON WITH THE PREVIEW… For some reason RZA is in this. He really likes Kung Fu movies, so he’s the bad guy. Unfortunately, based on the trailer, this will not be quite as cool as the first film, which was like much of Jaa’s films, in that it was largely based on his insane acrobatic abilities. Now there’s CGI. Kinda takes away from the uniqueness of what he does.

The Protector 2

The Protector 2 comes from Prachya Pinkaew, who wrote and directed the first Protector film, and has worked with Jaa on a number of his other films.

VERY GOOD NEWS = there’s no credited writer for The Protector 2. I like to think that means there’s no script. They just got Jaa drunk, told him someone stole his elephant, and rolled film.


The Protector 2 Trailer

The Protector 2 Release Date

May 2, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Tony Jaa . . . Kham 
Marrese Crump
Petchtai Wongkamlao . . . Sergeant Mark
JeeJa Yanin

What’s Good About It?

The Protector 2 will likely have some cool action scenes, which is certainly worth the price of admission most of the time. I could see Jaa’s jumping abilities, when combined with CGI, being very cool.

What’s Bad About It?

No matter how cool CGI is, I still think it’ll be more of a disappointment than an improvement to see Jaa not doing everything unaided by special effects.

Our Clever Prediction

I don’t see The Protector 2 being a big box office smash. The first one was cool, and I think this will be entertaining enough, but at the end of the day it’s a sequel to a film about a guy who goes to find his stolen elephant, and the elephant is stolen again. I know it’s holy or something, but unless he has a fight in a piano factory, jumping on the keys as he and another dude have a fight reminiscent of Tom Hanks playing the big piano (ARE YOU WRITING THIS DOWN? IT’S GOLD!), then I don’t see it being a huge success.

That would be sweet though. They’d steal his elephant to make keys… AWESOME.