The Prince (2014) – Jason Patric & Bruce Willis Go Head to Head

the prince

The Prince is a new action thriller about a reformed assassin whose daughter is kidnapped and he’s forced back into the game.

Jason Patric, best known as the dude who replaced Keanu Reeves for Speed 2: Cruise Control, is playing a former assassin who has turned his back on his violent past, opting instead to be a simple family man. He has a daughter, and she gets kidnapped. But there’s a twist to this Taken ripoff. The kidnapper has a score to settle, and may be, in many respects, justified, in wanting to kill the assassin by any mean necessary. It appears the assassin killed the man’s family once upon a time. So the lines between good guy and bad guy are tricky to define. The good guy isn’t such a nice guy after all. And the bad guy is Bruce Willis, who is always a cool dude, right?

But otherwise this is a pretty basic Taken ripoff.

The Prince

The Prince comes from director Brian A Miller. His career has been chugging along lately, and he’s relatively prolific. He last made the cop drama Officer Down, and he wrote a football drama starring 50 Cent (who’s in this too, of course) called All Things Fall Apart.

Andre Fabrizio and Jeremy Passmore wrote the screenplay for The Prince. I’m pretty sure they just took the screenplay for Taken and Google translated it a few times back and forth until it was only mostly unrecognizable, then changed the names of the characters. So… they’re talented.


The Prince Trailer

The Prince Release Date

August 22, 2014 – In Theaters & On Demand

Who’s In It?

Jessica Lowndes
Jason Patric
Bruce Willis . . . Omar
John Cusack . . . Sam
50 Cent
Johnathon Schaech

What’s Good About It?

The Prince look terrible. Jason Patric? Come on. John Cusack? What is this, 1996? At least Bruce Willis is still worthwhile, though he’s faded a bit in recent years. Still, this looks bad.

I just realized I was supposed to say something nice in this section…

Jessica Lowndes has a decent booty.

What’s Bad About It?

I don’t know. Everything.

Our Clever Prediction

The Prince will be a major league flop. It’ll fail more or less miserably, and be a bad mark on Bruce Willis’ career. Though on a happier note, it’ll probably be one of Jason Patric’s better roles!