The Possession (2012)


The Possession is a horror film about a family that is tormented by a haunted box. The film was previously named Didduk Box, word is they changed the name to The Posession because of the enormous failure of a similar movie named The Box. Unfortunately, The Possession may suffer from the failure of The Box, people just aren’t interested in movies about a haunted piece of furniture and the obvious solution….. get rid of the box. Problem solved.

The film is based on an article by L.A. Times Writer Leslie Gornstein entitled “Jinx in a Box.” The Dibbuk is an evil spirit that devours the soul of the person it possesses. The family’s daughter is first affected, then the father’s mood takes a turn for the worse. Ole Bornedale is directing. He was a producer on Mimic. I haven’t heard of his other stuff. Sam Raimi is producing this though, so that is a good thing. Sort of.

So, in The Possession, a young girl (Madison Davenport) buys an antique box at a yard sale, unaware that inside the box is a pain in the ass spirit who creates havoc. Sort of like The Gremlins. The girl’s father (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) teams with his ex-wife (Kyra Sedgwick) to find a way to end the curse upon their child. If my ex-wife looked like Kyra Sedgwick I’d do anything to re-kindle our relationship as well, so really the haunted box is probably a good thing. You know in the end, the couple reunites, and finds their love again. A haunting will do that to a relationship, but still.. she did cheat on him…

Release Date

Look for The Possession January 2012

Who’s In It?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan,  Madison Davenport … Hannah,  Natasha Calis … Em, Kyra Sedgwick

What’s Good About It?

I like Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Sam Raimi is fortunately still using his clout from Spider-Man to produce little horror films. The idea looks halfway decent. However, we think Madison Davenport is a future star, she’s talented and cute, so if she can carry the role of the main female lead, it may find a niche.

What’s Bad About It?

Meh. I said HALFWAY decent. Cause the other half is not decent. Or indecent. ‘The Box’ starring Cameron Diaz, ruined every future horror movie for generations to come, it was that bad.

Our Clever Prediction

I doubt The Possession will make much money. I don’t see it getting much attention. You never know. Maybe something cool will happen.

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  1. I was looking at the write ups on this site and find them
    to be contrary to what is shown on the imdb site for “The Possession”. The Official site for the show and imdb list
    Natasha Calis in the lead of the daughter who becomes possessed.

    We are seeing a lot of news about her in the media for her current
    role in the new TV series; “The Firm” and from my on-line research
    she has done a lot of good stuff, most recently alongside Danny Glover. I’ve got her on my “star watch” radar. I predict she’s going to be HUGE!

    Forget Maddison Davenport on this one… credit where credit is due.

  2. The Possession in now scheduled for release Aug. 31, 2012. Contrary to earlier posts, with Sam Rami’s Directing/Producing reputation and Lionsgate Films distribtuion clout along with the star power of the assembled cast, I believe that this movie has great potential.

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