The Other Woman (2014) – Kate Upton’s Boobies Bouncing

The Other Woman

The Other Woman focuses on a woman who starts a relationship with the man of her dreams only to discover he’s married, and she’s not his only mistress. So she teams up with the wife to take him down.

So Cameron Diaz is the primary mistress. She meets the fella, and she falls for him. He has a good job, is super handsome, and appears to be a perfect match for her. He travels a lot for his job, but she decides one day to show up unannounced at his place dressed in a sexy outfit and seduce. His wife answers the door. UH OH.

But in an odd twist, the mistress and wife get along. They’ve both been wronged by the same fucker, and they become friends. Then they discover their fella has yet another mistress, Kate Upton, and damn does she run in slow motion like a fucking pro. Anyways, they end up getting her to join their little club of scorned ladies trying to get back at the fella, who they torture in various ways and try to ruin his life the way he ruined theirs.

And Cameron Diaz falls in love at some point. And hopefully they find at least 15 minutes of extra time to have Kate Upton jog.

The Other Woman

Nick Cassavetes directed The Other Woman from a screenplay by Melissa Stack. He directed The Notebook, so this fucker is responsible for the unrealistic expectations of a ton of girls nowadays, but he’s also worked with Cameron Diaz before on My Sister’s Keeper. He also wrote the screenplay for Blow. Huh.


The Other Woman Trailer

The Other Woman Release Date

April 25, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Cameron Diaz
Leslie Mann . . . Wife
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau . . . Husband
Kate Upton
Nicki Minaj
Taylor Kinney 

What’s Good About It?

The Other Woman has Kate Upton, in a bikini, jogging down the beach. In slow motion. With her big ass titties bouncing up and down like pillows from heaven.


What’s Bad About It?

Nicki Minaj is in this. What? Also, outside of Kate Upton this film is really not for dudes. The filmmakers are smart though, cause they added her scene to help get guys to agree to go along to this period-syncing bitchfest.

Our Clever Prediction

I think The Other Woman will prove Kate Upton has what it takes to be a serious actress who goes nude for an Oscar film.


Oh, and it doesn’t look totally horrible for a date night type film, and might bring in a decent enough box office.