The Oranges (2012)

the oranges

The Oranges is a comedy about a two families who have been longtime friends and neighbors. When the man of one house becomes involved with the 24 year old daughter of his best friend, things go awry!

David Walling is a suburban dad with a mostly grown daughter and a best friend who lives next door. Both he and his best friend, Terry, have daughters. Their kids grew up together. When Terry’s daughter Nina comes home after being away for 5 years, Terry tries to set her up with David’s son.

Yeah, that doesn’t work out. Nina and David find themselves attracted to one another, which turns into a new romance. Suddenly everything is thrown out of whack. The best friends are put at odds, and they fight, struggle and try to figure out what happiness really is all about.

It’s about banging 24 year olds. Obviously.

The Oranges

The Oranges comes from director Julian Farino and screenwriters Ian Helfer and Jay Reiss. Farino doesn’t have much theatrical experience, but he’s directed a number of episodes of Entourage and The Office. Neither writer has much experience or success yet.

The Oranges Trailer

The Oranges Release Date

October 5, 2012.


Who’s In It?

 Leighton Meester … Nina Ostroff
  Hugh Laurie … David Walling
  Catherine Keener … Paige Walling
  Allison Janney … Carol Ostroff
  Alia Shawkat … Vanessa Walling
  Adam Brody … Toby Walling
  Oliver Platt … Terry Ostroff
  Tim Guinee … Roger
  Boyd Holbrook … Circle
  Lucas Papaelias … Mikhalay
  Aya Cash … Maya
  Sam Rosen … Ethan
  Hoon Lee … Henry Chart
  Heidi Kristoffer … Meredith
  Cassidy Gard … Samantha
  John Srednicki … Waiter
  Jennifer Bronstein … Amy
  Laura Flanagan … Diane
  Stephen Badalamenti … Taxi Driver

What’s Good About It?

The trailers for The Oranges are both really good. I think a lot of the film is going to be about David’s daughter, who was childhood friends with Nina, so she has to deal with her dad banging a girl her age. I think the film will ultimately be largely about unhappy marriages and how to shake things up with a new relationship. I also like the “Sucking his old balls.” line from the red band trailer. It’s a fair point.

What’s Bad About It?

I don’t currently have a really bad thing to say about The Oranges, though I think some of what they have Hugh Laurie say about happiness is sorta basic. I hope it doesn’t come across as stupid in the film.

Our Clever Prediction

The Oranges is getting a limited release to begin with, but it has a shot at some indie success. Huge Laurie is definitely getting a big shot here at starting a movie career with House off the air, and there’s plenty of talent to go around. I’m hopeful for sure.