The November Man (2014) – Pierce Brosnan as a Spy Again!

the november man1

The November Man is an action spy thriller about a suddenly out of retirement CIA operative who has to act as a mentor to a young pupil while hunting down a woman with the key to a massive conspiracy.

Pierce Brosnan plays Peter Devereaux, the seasoned agent with a bad past. “Love has no place in this life,” he tells his young protege. He’s retired, but brought out of said retirement to train the young pupil.

But something goes wrong, as it usually does, and the protege and mentor become enemies, with extremely high stakes involving high level CIA officials and the next president of Russia.

The November Man

The November Man comes from Dante’s Peak director Roger Donaldson. Besides Dante’s Peak, which is of course the second best volcano movie ever, right after Joe and the Volcano, he’s also directed Seeking Justice, The World’s Fastest Indian, The Recruit and Species. He’s actually had a long, fairly productive career. Not bad.

Michael Finch and Karl Gajdusek (bless you) wrote the screenplay, which is based on the novel by Bill Granger. Granger has apparently been on a number of cooking shows. Huh.


The November Man Trailer

The November Man Release Date

August 27, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Pierce Brosnan
Olga Kurylenko
Luke Bracey
Bill Smitrovich

What’s Good About It?

The November Man has a solid looking trailer, some good stars with Brosnan stepping back into spy boots, though not Bond boots, so not quite as cool, and Olga looks hot once again. Yowza.

What’s Bad About It?

I don’t really have any big negatives at present, as this looks good.

Our Clever Prediction

The November Man looks like a mid-range budget spy flick, with lower expectations than the bigger Bond or Bourne style films, but it could still be a big hit, and should at the very least be a fun flick this August.
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