The Moth Diaries (2012)


The Moth Diaries is about a few girls at a boarding school (I think I’ve seen this…), and then one girl starts to suspect another is a vampire. Never mind. I’ve seen one where they start to suspect they’re lesbians, and they have to experiment to figure it out.

It turns out they’re all bisexual!

Oh, that’s in the other movie.

In The Moth Diaries, a young girl whose father recently died is sent to a boarding school, and lives there with her best friend. When a new girl shows up and gets in between her and her friend, she suspects the girl is a vampire. Totally reasonable.

I have similar accurate suspicions. The bad economy? Canada’s fault.

Winter? Canada’s fault.

The Cubs haven’t won a world series in a billion years? CANADA.

The Moth Diaries

Mary Harron, who wrote and directed American Psycho, is directing The Moth Diaries. It’s based on the novel by Rachel Klein. So… cool. I liked American Psycho. It showed me my own insanity. Cause I also do in depth analysis of Huey Lewis and the News.

The Moth Diaries Trailer

The Moth Diaries Release Date

April 20, 2012.


Who’s In It?

 Scott Speedman … Mr. Davies
  Sarah Bolger … Rebecca
  Anne Day-Jones … Rebecca’s mother
  Lily Cole … Ernessa
  Sarah Gadon … Lucie
  Judy Parfitt … Miss Rood
  Valerie Tian … Charlie
  Melissa Farman … Dora
  Deena Aziz … Dr. Olivio
  Zina Anaplioti … Cute Girl
  Laurence Hamelin … Sofia
  Gia Sandhu … Kiki

What’s Good About It?

Girls in a boarding school? Awesome. Vampires? Sometimes awesome. Creepy psychological horror about boarding schools and vampires? Probably awesome.

What’s Bad About It?

I doubt there will be the level of sexy results I normally like from a movie about girls in a boarding school. Also, since American Psycho, Mary Harron hasn’t really done anything worthwhile.

Our Clever Prediction

IF there are at least some sexy results, a shower scene, and a couple broads kissing, then The Moth Diaries will make good money. It might make moolah anyways, as it’s a horror film, and vampires are sorta IN right now. Especially sparkly ones.