The Maze Runner (2014) – Young Adult Novel Turned Movie

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The Maze Runner is a new young adult film based on a popular novel set in a dystopian society… GOOD LORD I’VE WRITTEN THIS A LOT OF TIMES BEFORE. But this time young teens are in a small enclosure with a maze on the outside that they can try to escape through.

Only, as the trailer says, no one has ever survived a night in the maze. This… is STUPID.

I’m so glad I’m writing this preview just as Divergent comes out.

Basically, a kid is brought up an elevator, and comes out into a Hunger Games type place, with a bunch of kids looking at him, and none of them know how to get out. They’re in an open area, and every night the walls slide open, and there’s a maze on the other side with all sorts of nasty things, maybe monsters and what not, but it’s also super high tech. But the kids live a pretty basic existence, with them having to get their own food and shelter. So it isn’t the best of conditions for them.

The main guy, Thomas, who looks like a total jerk, comes up with no memory. He has no idea what his name is, how he got there or what’s going on. Oh, and all the other kids are boys.

Until a girl shows up a bit later, and knows Thomas’ name. And no doubt by the end of the film he heads into the Maze to uncover what the nefarious secrets of the place are. And they’re probably totally believable and smart n’ stuff.

The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner comes from director Wes Ball, who likely had a ball making this film… since this is his first film as director. He did a lot of visual effects and things like that before, but no feature directing. Yay!

The film is based on the successful novels James Dashner, who also cowrote the screenplay.


The Maze Runner Trailer

The Maze Runner Release Date

September 19, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Thomas Sangster . . . Newt
Kaya Scodelario . . . Teresa
Will Poulter . . . Gally
Dylan O’Brien . . . Thomas
Blake Cooper . . . Chuck
Aml Ameen . . . Alby 

What’s Good About It?

The Maze Runner is based on a novel that people seem to like… so there’s that. And I like puzzles, which mazes sort of are… and… yep, that’s it.

What’s Bad About It?



Although this would make a cool season of Real World, Road Rules Challenges… That thought just got me hard.

Our Clever Prediction

The Maze Runner better fail. Hard. I like comic book movies, so if a few shitty ones have to come out so I can get another Avengers or Batman film, so be it, but there hasn’t been a good young adult novel turned movie in a while. Hunger Games, Divergent, UGH. No.