The Master (2012)

the master

The Master is Paul Thomas Anderson’s film about the beginnings of Scientology, thinly veiled as fiction. It looks awesome.

In the film, a man named Lancaster Dodd is an intellectual who begins his own religion, which starts to take off in the 1950s. One of his earliest converts is a lost soul named Freddie Sutton. Sutton becomes a high ranking official in the movement and follows Dodd, aka The Master, until at some point he begins to question this new faith and the man he has treated as a mentor and teacher. But you don’t question this new faith or the man who is in charge of it. Suddenly there’s trouble.

Trouble for Freddie.

The Master

Paul Thomas Anderson is the writer, director and producer for The Master, which is largely because this attacks the second most powerful religion in Hollywood (behind Judaism obviously). I believe the history behind the film is that Anderson was once a member of the church of Scientology, but much like Freddie in the film, he started to question the faith. He found old friends completely cast him out and tried to destroy his career and life. Now he’s making a veiled attack on the church.

The Master Trailer

The Master Release Date

October 12, 2012.


Who’s In It?

  Amy Adams … Mary Sue Dodd
  Philip Seymour Hoffman … Lancaster Dodd
  Joaquin Phoenix … Freddie Sutton
  Laura Dern … Helen
  Jesse Plemons … Val Dodd
  Rami Malek … Clark
  Jillian Bell … Susan
  Kevin J. O’Connor … Bill White
  W. Earl Brown … Bus
  Lena Endre … Mrs. Solstad
  Fiona Dourif
  Ambyr Childers … Elizabeth
  Joshua Close … Wayne
  Darren Le Gallo … Master’s Dinner Guest
  Madisen Beaty … Doris Solstad
  Katie Boland … Young Woman
  David Warshofsky
  Josh Fadem … Young Man
  Bill Blair … Man At the Bar
  Keenan Johnston … Bosun’s Mate Johnson
  Mimi Cozzens … Poppy

What’s Good About It?

I love the history behind this film, and I can’t wait for the backlash from Hollywood regarding it. Expect Tom Cruise to strap on a jet pack and fly around spraying crowds of people with Scientology-juice. Which is actually Hawaiian Punch. Weird. I love Hawaiian Punch.

What’s Bad About It?

I think The Master is going to have a hard time getting to the top of the box office. There’s sure to be a lot of people in Hollywood going against it. Oops.

Our Clever Prediction

It’s actually quite interesting to consider how wrong Paul Thomas Anderson has his history, as he thinks L. Ron Hubbard started Scientology, when (and you’d know this if you read my Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair preview) it was actually started by CS Lewis.

After writing his tales about Christianity, everyone knows Lewis started to question his faith, even going so far as to document the voices in his head with The Screwtape Letters, after which he started looking into the REAL God.

His trials and tribulations led him to Hawaii, where he approached a volcano with his first born hermaphrodite son/daughter, who he held high above his head ready for a sacrifice. Much like Abraham in the Bible, a powerful force caused him to stay his hand. At this point he was given increasingly accurate visions of how the world was really put together in it’s current form by powerful aliens, who were once known by primitive man as wizards or warlocks. After all, highly advanced technology would look like magic to the dim-witted, but Lewis was a brilliant man and he understood all this very well.

After three years and over 20 surgical procedures, many of which were done by himself, Lewis transcended humanity and many now believe him to be a wizard living in the Appalachian mountains. His current address, at least according to the post office, was built by Jimmy Carter, though those of us who know the truth have seen his glory in the setting of the sun on August 25th, which is the day the world will end in 2014. 8-25-14.

Study those numbers. If you can decipher their secrets you will be given a sweet red drink that will take you to paradise.


  1. Philip Seymour Hoffman must be in Tom Cruise’s bad books after this film. You cross a scientologist, you are fucked for life.

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