The Machine (2013)

the machine

The Machine is a new science fiction film about a pair of scientists who fall in love while building the world’s first self-aware artificial intelligence. They create this ‘machine’ only to see it reprogrammed by the Ministry of Defense to be a weapon. At which point I imagine shit hits the fans.

I don’t have a ton of details beyond that on the plot, but the world of the film is said to be in the future (duh), with a cold war going on with a new enemy. Who that enemy is I don’t know. But the main character is a British scientist tasked with creating an artificial intelligence weapon. So there’s already going to be a bit of BS regarding the idea that the government “turned” their creation into a weapon. It was a weapon to begin with. So anyways, the main scientist dude creates an AI with incredible physical gifts and super high processing speed. The first iteration goes haywire and destroys his lab, so he brings in another AI expert, a lady, and they try to fix the mistakes of the first one. He falls in love with the other scientist-lady. Then the new AI is used for the wrong purposes. I’m guessing.

Not sure of how far into the film they create a new AI, or even if they do, but I imagine the third act is them trying to solve the issue of what their creation is being used for.

The Machine

The Machine comes from writer/director Caradog W. James. Who wants to take bets on me mocking him for the name Caradog?

Any takers?

What’s up, Caradog. Yo’ DAWG, I mean CaraDAWG.

Yeah. Anyways, he last directed Little White Lies. Which was a comedy. About racism. How is this not being talked about more?



The Machine Trailer

The MachineRelease Date

TBA 2013.

Who’s In It?

Toby Stephens… Vincent
Caity Lotz… Ava
Denis Lawson… Thomson
Sam Hazeldine… James
Lee Nicholas Harris… Implant Soldier Harris
Pooneh Hajimohammadi… Suri
Helen Griffin… Mrs. Dawson
Ben McGregor… Implant Soldier Ben
Sule Rimi… Dr. Giwa-Amu
Stuart Matthews… Scientist / Soldier
Jade Croot… Mary
Alan Low… Assassin

What’s Good About It?

The concept seems decent enough, though it reminds me of Splice, which was only good in the sense that it was completely fucked up.


What’s Bad About It?

I’m not sold on the director, and while the plot might be halfway decent, with a cool world, I’m just not ready to give much more enthusiasm at present.

Our Clever Prediction

I don’t expect The Machine to be a big commercial success, and I really feel like I’ve seen this film 5 times already, but that’s cool. I think it might be cool regardless. MIGHT BE.