The Love Punch (2014) – Pierce Brosnan & Emma Thompson in Love!

the love punch1

The Love Punch is an old-people romantic comedy crime caper flick starring Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson as a divorced couple whose pension was stolen by an evil businessman, and they commit a crime to get it back.

The characters seem somewhat standard, but Brosnan and Thompson are more than capable of making them charming. Brosnan plays Richard, who is a bit of a playboy, and I get the impression he left his wife, Thompson’s Kate, for a younger woman. But they still get each other, y’know? Anyways, they share a pension, and when the bad businessman guy steals it, they decide to get their cash back, probably with interest. The businessman is getting married, so they enlist the help of a few friends, and set out to steal a necklace the businessman bought for his bride to be.

And they probably fall back in love. Cause that’s what criminals do.

The Love Punch

The Love Punch comes from writer/director Joel Hopkins. Who I don’t believe is related to Anthony Hopkins, and based on his milky white complexion, probably isn’t related to Bernard Hopkins either. But he last made Last Chance Harvey, which wasn’t bad, so he has a degree of talent.


The Love Punch Trailer

The Love Punch Release Date

May 23, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Pierce Brosnan . . . Richard
Emma Thompson . . . Kate 
Timothy Spall
Louise Bourgoin

What’s Good About It?

The Love Punch looks kinda charming. You can’t really go wrong with Brosnan and Thompson. Even when the movies they’re in aren’t very well written, they charm the shit out of you, so they’re good. I think there’s a very good chance these two will make an excellent pair, and while the movie might be by the numbers, they’ll elevate the quality to acceptable levels.

What’s Bad About It?

I have only a bit of faith in The Love Punch. The story just seems basic.

Our Clever Prediction

Audiences won’t be surprised by The Love Punch, but that isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes the best thing to do is just turn that brain off and enjoy the charming, pretty people on screen. I intend to this May when The Love Punch is released.

I sound like one of those dudes on TV who I want to punch in the face. Hey! This is the first time I’ve wanted to punch a non-Canadian!