The Longest Week (2014) – Jason Bateman & Billy Crudup Compete for Love!

The Longest Week

The Longest Week is a new comedy about two rich dudes who fall in love with the same girl. They live together, but also start competing for the lady’s affections.

The main fella is Conrad Velmont, who is completely aimless in life. His parents are super rich, and though he’s around 40, they still give him an allowance and let him live in their posh Manhattan apartment. He’s supposedly writing a novel, but really isn’t doing much of anything. Then one day his parents cut him off. Uh oh.

Fortunately, his best friend, Dylan Tate, will let him live with him. So the two best buds move in together. Enter Beatrice, played by the sexy beast Olivia Wilde, who they both fall for. Dylan met her and talks her up, and when he finally introduces her to his buddy Conrad, it’s apparent the two already met, and most likely knocked boots. So they banged. Awesome. Now the two buddies are in competition for her affections. Most likely they’ll both learn a few lessons over the course of the movie.

The Longest Week

The Longest Week comes from Peter Glanz, who has some experience writing and directing short films, but not feature length movies. This is a big opportunity for him. He cowrote the screenaply with Juan Iglesias. They worked on some of those short films together, but Iglesias doesn’t have a whole lot of experience either.

At least they have a good cast.


The Longest Week Trailer

The Longest Week Release Date

September 5, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Olivia Wilde . . . Beatrice 
Jason Bateman
Billy Crudup

What’s Good About It?

The Longest Week has an extremely good cast, with Jason Bateman, Billy Crudup and Olivia Wilde taking on the starring roles. Those three in a love triangle sounds like a good time. If you remove the two dudes, I’d join them for sex.

What’s Bad About It?

While I like the look of the trailer, it doesn’t have the right visual aesthetic to be a big movie in my opinion. It sounds funny, because the cinematography actually does look decent, but I don’t see audiences flocking to this.

Our Clever Prediction

The Longest Week will likely fly under the radar for a lot of folks, but Bateman and Wilde have some star power and should do a decent enough job promoting the film. I think it’ll be enjoyed by those who see it, but end up one of those films in your Netflix queue that also sits at the bottom of the pile.