The Kingsman Golden Circle is OTT Fun


Few franchises can say that the second film in the list is better than the initial one, but The Kingsman: Golden Circle can. The sequel to the sleeperhit film The Kingsman opened to critical and commercial acclaim and applause. This time, the film has a wafer-thin plot that’s straight off any spy book or film that you’ve seen. But what propels the film much higher are the crackling action sequences and the male chemistry between Taron Edgerton and Colin Firth in this incredibly well made action film. We knew that The Kings Man: Golden Circle would be bigger, badder and sexier. So, joining the gig are Halle Berry, Julianne Moore and others.

The first part of the franchise was such a huge success because of the frothy, free-wheeling crackling bro-chemistry between these two guys and the excellent action sequences. The sequel ups the ante for both of these aspects – making this film the better of the two. The action scenes are arguably better than the ones in the previous film, making this a must watch for the action audience . But, people to watch a cerebral entertainment will be sorely disappointed. This film is patently a summer film that’s destined to rake in the dollars at the box office.  This time, to add star value, The Kingsman 2 has Halle Berry, Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges and Pedro Pascal to complete the cast.

Like other films, even The Kingsman doesn’t like the current political scenario. In a bid to get that out, they have a cameo and a sequence that’s quite simply a hilarious representation of what the world faces right now.  All these aspects definitely work for the film. Another aspect that’s much talked about is the action. The action sequences are pretty unbelievable and only seasoned actors like the ones in the film could have done them.

While those are the positive aspects, the film seems to suffer from a bit of editorial largess. Five minutes chopped off at the editing block would have made this film a bigger success than it already is. Another aspect is the ‘all-die-I-survive’ scenario. That one has been done to death in several James Bonds films.  However, what adds to all of it are the performances and the freshness of the franchise. All in all, the Kingsman Golden Circle will keep you entertained and remain fresh in your mind long after the end credits have rolled.  This franchise is definitely not going anywhere.