The Karate Kid 2 (2016)

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Well thanks a lot people. Thanks for flocking to the theaters and checking out The Karate Kid remake, because now they are throwing another Karate Kid sequel. Yup, Jaden is returning in 2016 to deliver another Karate Kid film, and we hear its finally returning to the USA, where it belongs. Oddly enough we have been covering this movie since 2012, but it keeps getting bumped. Looks like they finally got it figured out.

Wait, I know none of you read worth a damn so let me spell this out for you. This movie preview is for the next Karate Kid sequel in 2016, not the crappy 2010 version you pickle heads are all defending. Do you get it now? If you are here to defend the 2010 Karate Kid remake, go to that movie page instead. Do you understand? This is for the upcoming 2016 Karate Kid movie, ok?

The Karate Kid 2

Karate Kid 2016

Yes, its true, there is another Karate Kid coming in 2016, with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan… Confirmed!

Because it wasn’t bad enough I had to watch one of my favorite movies ‘The Karate Kid’ being destroyed by Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan, but they are going to keep recycling this plot over and over again now.  So ok, I’m not trying to be negative about another Karate Kid movie, but what can I say…. it’s unoriginal and I’m tired of remakes.

Anyways, Will Smith has signed on (again) to produce The Karate Kid 2. Jaden is also listed in the production credits, but lets be real here… Jaden isn’t really doing any production, its all dad. It was announced in April 2014 that Breck Eisner will be the director.

The film is still in the very early stage of development and has a newly acquired screenwriter in Zak Penn. Penn also wrote The Incredible Hulk , so take that for what it’s worth. I think he’ll have an easier task this time around….

And it’s all because of you. You spent over (get ready for this) 300 million at the theaters watching Will Smith’s son destroy the iconic roles of Daniel Larusso and Mr. Miyagi. You happy about that? Proud of yourself? Now its just starting, you just wait and see what they have in store now.. you got what you deserved…

What we hear :

The Karate Kid 2 will most likely take place back in the USA. The following plot details for the new Karate Kid movie is speculation by an inside source, it is not 100% confirmed.

From Johnny Fontane

Dre Parker returns to America, where his mother falls ill. With no immediate family around, Mr. Han acts as the primary caregiver to Dre. The family finances take a tumble as the medical bills for Sherry Parker escalate, and its up to Dre to enter the national Karate Championship to win money for mama, and her bills. Rumor has it the Karate Kid 3 could be in 3D. Because nothing could destroy this movie franchise more than making it in 3D, so I’m all for it. Take it for what its worth, but Fontane has given us pretty reliable stuff in the past. We are 99% certain the film will not take place in China again, the studios do not want the production costs to get out of hand.  Detroit is a probable US location at this point.

Movie Release Date

Look for this new Karate Kid movie in the summer 2015 –  Now a 2016 Movie release.

Who’s In It?

Jaden Smith (yeah) and Jackie Chan will return. No word on the love interest yet.

Interesting Factoid

The Karate Kid (2010) grossed 343 million dollars at the box office. The original film did close to 100 Million, but that was in 1984 dollars when ticket prices were like 4$ on average. Take inflation into account, and both films grossed close to the same amount in today’s dollars.

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What’s Good About It?

People seemed to accept this new Karate Kid, and Jaden Smith. I never, but thats just me, the original movie was a big part of my childhood memories.

What’s Bad About It?

The death of a classic movie I loved as a child. No soundtrack. The original Karate Kid had some wicked tunes, iconic 80’s songs.

Check this out!

Our Clever Prediction

Like it or not, this is a money making franchise that will keep going until the dollars stop flowing.