The Invisible Woman (2013)

the invisible woman1

Before you get too excited, The Invisible Woman is NOT a sexy horror film about a woman who can turn invisible. Rather, it’s about Charles Dickens as an older gentleman, who starts an affair with a much younger woman.

Who would even want a movie about an invisible nymphomaniac? Sheesh. You would be able to see her good parts. DUH.

So in the real The Invisible Woman, Ralph Fiennes plays Dickens. This is based on the true story of the late in the life love of Dickens, who married a woman he was less than fond of, and actually had his heart broken as a young man when the woman of his dreams died. The he lived a great number of years with a woman he was not truly in love with while writing some of history’s greatest English novels.

He met, at some performance or another, Nelly, whom he started an affair with that would last the rest of his life. It was quite the affair at the time, and very popularly followed in the news. It was a scandal, and they’re not just for Kardashians.

After his death, Nelly went on to be a schoolteacher and got married and had 2 kids. So she’ll cry a lot in the film but it’s cool. They work it out.

The Invisible Woman

Ralph Fiennes is not only the lead in The Invisible Woman, he’s also the director. The story is based off the book by Claire Tomlin, so Tomlin’s fans should get ready!


The Invisible Woman Trailer

The Invisible Woman Release Date

December 25, 2013.

Who’s In It?

Ralph Fiennes . . . Charles Dickens
Felicity Jones . . . Nelly
Michelle Fairley . . . Caroline Graves
Kristin Scott Thomas . . . Catherine Ternan
Tom Hollander . . . Wilkie Collins
Tom Burke

What’s Good About It?

The Invisible Woman has a great cast, lead by Ralph Fiennes. I really like his Coriolanus, and I think he has a very good shot her of doing something special. Felicity Jones is fantastic too, and would totally tempt any dude with her beauty.

Except me. I’m untemptable.

What’s Bad About It?

While it was good, Coriolanus did not make much impact at the box office, and I worry The Invisible Woman will also struggle.

Our Clever Prediction

The Invisible Woman will likely have a mediocre box office but might do halfway decent if it garners a few Oscar nominations. I personally want Felicity Jones to get nominated. Cause I’m not tempted by her at all. AT ALL.