The Incredibles 2 (2016) Finally! A new Incredibles Movie is Coming!

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Plot, downloads and news for the new Incredibles movie that will be happening in 2016. The Incredibles 2 is aiming for a 2016 release, and will be 3D.  The Pixar sequel that we all want is a new  Incredibles movie…and it is FINALLY happening. The Incredibles 2 was officially announced! Read on to discover what we know about the sequel to the best Pixar movie of all time!

From the official Disney Twitter Account

It’s official: we’re currently working on new films featuring your favorite characters from The Incredibles and Cars!

The Incredibles 2 Plot

According to our source, Incredibles 2 is going to focus on Jack Jack and Dash, with Helen and Bob Parr hanging up their suits for good. The 3D is a no brainer, the battle right now is over a few other main characters. We hear Bird is much further along than he is letting on, and why not?

Apparently Syndrome will make a return, with another main character that hasn’t been written yet. (Yeah, I understand this is a pretty vague plot I am writing, but it’s all I got) Both will team up to take out The Incredibles, one last time. The new Incredibles 2016 Movie will indeed be in 3D, but that’s not all. They are re-releasing the original movie into 3D as well. I like that.

We have been covering The Incredibles 2 for 5 years now, and have taken a lot of flack from readers. I don’t publish BS movie information, or ‘gossip’ , so I hope some of our readers lighten up a little now. The plot we posted for The Incredibles 2 is what we were given a few years ago… it’s still looking like the actual synopsis for the upcoming Pixar movie. There is obviously a chance it will change, but I feel confident for now leaving up that piece of ‘insider gossip’. Certainly rumours of the 2016 version of The Incredibles to be a ‘prequel’ could be true, but I don’t buy it. Why would they write off Dash and the family. The time has come for Jack and the crew to take on their own adventure, and there will most certainly be another movie after this one as well.

 Incredibles 2 Release Date

Incredibles 2 is looking for a summer 2016 release, in 3D.

The Incredibles 2 Trailer

Nothing yet, stay tuned!

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