The Impossible (2012)

the impossible

The Impossible is based on the true story of a family that lived through the massive 2004 tsunami that hit Thailand. The family, which consisted of a husband, wife and their three sons, were on vacation at Christmas when the tsunami hit. It threw them far apart, but they found the will to survive and came back to one another.

It seems there were two groups after the tsunami within this family, one with the father and two sons, and the other with the mother and the other son. Because of all the confusion, it was very difficult to find one another throughout the whole mess, and the family focused as much on helping others as helping themselves. Regardless, they found the will to come back to one another in the end and this is their amazing true story.

The Impossible

The Impossible comes from director Juan Antonio Bayona, who has not directed an English language film before, but he’s had some success and comes into this film as one to watch. He directed The Orphanage back in 2007, and that was a fairly major success, as the film only cost a couple hundred thousand dollars to make and brought in nearly thirty million at the box office.


The Impossible Trailer

The Impossible Release Date

December 21, 2012.

Who’s In It?

 Naomi Watts … Maria
  Ewan McGregor … Henry
  Tom Holland … Lucas
  Samuel Joslin … Thomas
  Oaklee Pendergast … Simon
  Marta Etura … Simone
  Sönke Möhring … Karl
  Geraldine Chaplin … Old Woman
  Ploy Jindachote … Caregiver
  Jomjaoi Sae-Limh … Red Cross Nurse
  Johan Sundberg … Daniel
  Jan Roland Sundberg … Daniel’s Father
  La-Orng Thongruang … Old Thai Man
  Tor Klathaley … Young Thai Man
  Douglas Johansson … Mr. Benstrom
  Emilio Riccardi … Morten Benstrom
  Vorarat Jutakeo … Doctor in Stockroom
  Karun Konsaman … Young Nurse in Stockroom
  Nicola Harrison … Woman in charge o

What’s Good About It?

Don’t expect many surprises from The Impossible, but it should be a good, uplifting film with a nice message of surviving and fighting for family and helping people and all of that. Many are looking at it as an Oscar contender, which, based on the trailers, seems about right.

What’s Bad About It?

I don’t have anything bad to say. The cast is solid and the story looks good.

Our Clever Prediction

The Impossible should be a fair success at the box office, and I think it’ll do decently well as far as critical success and awards go. I think Bayona could take home a few awards, as much Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts.