The Hitman’s Bodyguard- action pack movie for adventure lovers

hitman movie poster

Ripe from the success of Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds returns to the big screen with his wise-crack banter intact. With good old Samuel L Jackson as his big picture nemesis, we did expect the pair to light up the screen time and again. Read on to find if it’s a hit or a miss!


A typical buddy action comedy is what ensues on screen. The protagonist, Bruce (Ryan Reynolds) is tasked with transporting an assassin, namely Darius (Samuel L Jackson) to Hague. While Darius stands to testify against an evil dictator (Gary Oldman) and presumably turn a new leaf, the story has all the ingredients of a Shane Black classic.


A mismatched couple trying to complete their individual goals while gorging on life lessons with more than a few fist fights and action sequences to boot. Stories such as these don’t surprise the audience anymore.


Bruce, the one with common sense, is a no-nonsense security guard whose reputation is at stake since his last client got taken out. With a little help from his ex-girlfriend, he lands a new gig. Transporting the world’s most respected assassin (Darius) to testify against a dictator. The amazing part lies here, that both of them has been an enemy to each other so long. So, the journey becomes more interesting taking the one safely who was on target for a whole time.


Now that the requirements for a Euro trip are fulfilled, the movie wastes no time transporting the audience to Britain, Italy and finally to Hague. In the midst of this transportation, the action fillers kick in. The usual flailing of arms and legs seem monotonous. Even in the action department, nothing innovative came forth.

The actors put their best foot forward and the movie also ropes in Salma Hayek to spice up the hotness quotient, yet falls short of the mark. There’s only so much quirk a new rendition of an old script can contain. The movie seems to go better with its star than the story. The action comedy somehow gets mild with the execution drawbacks.

To summarize, while there are a few light moments and the playful banter of the veteran actors does raise a few laughs, all in all, it’s not something we’d recommend spending your hard earned buckaroos on. But if you are free enough and love Ryan Reynolds do go for it.


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