The Heat (2013)


The Heat is a comedy starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy as an FBI Agent and a tough as nails Boston detective who team up to take down a Russian Mobster. It’s essentially Miss Congeniality, but Bullock won’t be doing the bulk of the comedic lifting here, as McCarthy is one funny broad. Basically Bullock is an unlikeable FBI bitch, and McCarthy is an insane bitch of a detective who hurts people and is rude n’ stuff.

Basically, it’s the odd couple but with broads and cops and it kinda looks funny.

The Heat

Peter Feig, the director of Bridesmaids, is making The Heat, so he’s reteaming with Melissa McCarthy, who has really come into her own as the funny female actress of today. The film was written by Katie Dippold though, and she’s a woman, so this probably sucks.



The Heat Trailer

The Heat Release Date

April 5, 2013.

Who’s In It?

Sandra Bullock … Katerina James
Melissa McCarthy … Det. Joyce Nelson

What’s Good About It?

The Heat has a very funny trailer, and I like the premise well enough, even if it’s a bit overdone. Nonetheless, Sandra Bullock’s looks are holding up nicely, and Melissa McCarthy is one funny broad.

What’s Bad About It?

Female writer. Don’t trust this.

Our Clever Prediction

I’m just kidding about women not being good writers. They’re just as capable as men.

Just not CANADIAN writers. They’re worse than women. Oh, and The Heat will probably be pretty good. I’m looking forward to it.

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