The Hardy Men (2013)


Those of us who grew up just before the computer invasion remember The Hardy Boys, the wonderful novels that inspired our minds. The Hardy Men is a continuation of that series, starring two huge names.

The Hardy Men

The Hardy Men is based on the Hardy Boys novels, now that the boys are finally gown up now. The young detectives are now all grown up and played by Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller. Yeah, well, Tom and Ben loved working on Tropic Thunder together, so this is a project that has been in the works since about 2008.

What remains to be seen is how they treat this adaptation. Will they make The Hardy Boys clever and brave, or bumbling idiots and fools like most characters in a Ben Stiller film.

Writer of The Hardy Men, Simon Kinberg, is knows for his Sherlock Holmes movie remake, and the X-Men Last Stand.. Mr & Mrs Smith, so it appears it is going to be a rather serious approach with a little comedy on the way.

Uninteresting Factoid

The Hardy Boys still sell over 1 million novels a year, proving that some things do indeed stand the test of time. You don’t have to create everything these days laced with sex and violence, kids just want to be inspired.

Oh, here comes my monthly rant…

The day Hollywood figures this out, is the day we start getting society back on track, and end this miserable, negative onslaught of ignorance thrown at our young kids. The novels are terrific, maybe some of the people reading this can pull your kid off of the X-Box and make him or her read a book?

Who’s It For?

The Ben Stiller crowd will probably flock to The Hardy Men, and the Tom Cruise fanclub would follow him into a river of lava.

Movie Release Date

Look for The Hardy Men in 2013

Who’s In It?

Ben Stiller and Tom Cruise are confirmed.

What’s Good About It?

A wonderful collection of novels and a piece of history.

What’s Bad About It?

I’m worried Ben Stiller makes a mockery out of this, I think this novels deserve a good story and production.

Our Clever Prediction

The Hardy Men will be interesting, for sure, I’m not predicting anything until I see further cast and crew.


  1. Love the idea. Both Ben and Tom can be very funny. They even look like they could be brothers. With a good script, this could be great.

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