The Hands of Shang-Chi (2017)

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The Hands of Shang-Chi movie is finally going ahead, after years of delays. The Shang-Chi movie is based on the Marvel comic book character. We originally posted about this movie in 2011, as it was supposed to be released back in 2012, but it was shelved for more horrible spider-man movies, and other garbage like Green Lantern and terrible comedies. Shang-Chi is a master of Kung Fu with no superpowers, only mastery of martial arts. Sort of like the Karate Kid, but with personality. The Hands of Shang-Chi will follow Shang-Chi as he learns that his father is a criminal. Or should I say, the world’s WORST criminal. Whatever that means. The comic book series has a cult following, so I’ll honestly be surprised if the film does indeed make it to theaters.. but hey, what do I know?

The film is apparently being directed by Woo-ping Yuen, who has a long career as a fight choreographer for various films, specifically The Matrix trilogy, and the Kill Bill movies. So the guy knows a good kung fu fight when he sees one. It remains to be seen if he can tell a story, but then, this is a comic book film based on the master of king fu. I’m betting the story won’t be the reason people come see it.

This is less of a comic book film than it’s a kung fu movie. They have the best guy in the game for choreography directing, so it should have some cool fights. The nature of the story doesn’t strike me as needing a big budget, so it should prove a profitable film, even without a big box office.

Release Date

Right now it’s set for 2017

Interesting Facts about Shang-Chi

1. Shang’s name actually means “the rising and advancing of the spirit,”
2. Shang’s father in the original stories was Fu Manchu. Unless the movie people bought the rights to that character as well (unlikely), they will have to use some other name. Marvel Comics had usage rights to the Fu Manchu stable of characters for a time, but lost them. They then simply stopped referring to Shang’s parentage and eliminated all the other characters they no longer had the right to use.
3. The writing on the various comics was usually above par, but that was hardly difficult at the time.
4. Shang Chi means ‘rising of the spirit.’
5. Marvel could do (and has done!) worse than to reprint the original stories of Shang-Chi. They certainly represented a better time-period for the Marvel Universe than the dismal, self-imposed “dark” period that they are forcing fans through currently.

Our Clever Prediction

Most likely it’ll be part of Marvel’s planned string of moderately budgeted films, along with Dr. Strange and Luke Cage, and it may be one of the mini movies they’re planning to play before their major released like Captain America and Thor. Maybe a really cool fight scene could get people interested enough to make it a hit. Maybe.

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