The Guilt Trip (2012)

the guilt trip poster

The Guilt Trip is a comedy about a young inventor going on the road with his overbearing mother to help sell his latest invention.

Because the mother is Barbara Streisand playing the most stereotypical Hollywood-Jewish mother in history, no doubt she’s going to be murdered by her son by the end of the film. That would be so cool.

Based on the film clip that’s been released so far (below) I’d probably kill her within 30 seconds of meeting her. Good LORD. ANNOY MUCH?

The Guilt Trip

Anne Fletcher is directing The Guilt Trip from a screenplay by Dan Fogelman. Fletcher actually has an amazing body of work to her credit, with some of my all time favorite films in her history like 27 Dresses and The Proposal. Oh, and the first Step Up film. MY FAVORITES. EVER.


Fogelman is a bit better. He wrote Crazy, Stupid, Love, which I enjoyed and he wrote a couple animated films like Cars 2, Tangled and Bolt. Not bad.


The Guilt Trip Trailer

The Guilt Trip Release Date

December 25, 2012.

Who’s In It?

 Seth Rogen … Andy Brewster
  Adam Scott … Andrew Margolis Jr.
  Yvonne Strahovski … Jessica
  Colin Hanks … Rob
  Barbra Streisand … Joyce Brewster
  Danny Pudi … Sanjay
  Kathy Najimy
  Brett Cullen … Ben
  Dale Dickey … Tammy
  Michael Cassidy … Fake Andy
  Casey Wilson … Amanda
  Amanda Walsh … Lisa
  Creed Bratton … Suitor
  Nora Dunn … Gayle
  Miriam Margolyes … Anita
  Brandon Keener
  Rose Abdoo … Diana
  Robert Curtis Brown … Bob Ferguson
  Lorna Scott … Waitress at Big Texan
  Steve Tom … OSH Marketing Executive
  Eddie Shin … Chris Chung

What’s Good About It?

Dan Fogelman isn’t a half bad writer, and on occasion Seth Rogen is funny.

What’s Bad About It?

Barbara Streisand.

Our Clever Prediction

This Christmas you have a couple of options for fun. You can go see The Guilt Trip, you can see Django Unchained, or you can grab an icicle hanging from your gutter, stick it in the snow face up, drop trow and jump in the air and impale yourself on it.

Django Unchained will be awesome. The icicle will be my second choice.

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