The Guardians (2012)


The time has come for the ultimate team of heroes to emerge to fight the most evil of villains.  Maybe with their help, we can free the world once and for all of the notorious BOOGY-MAN!

The DreamWorks animated The Guardians is an adapted from the novel by William Joyce.  Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Jack Frost and the Tooth Fairy join forces to rid the world of a boogey-man villain. Ok, its not exactly a super hero movie, but it sounds like a great kids flick.  With the quality of Dreamwork’s animated films, at least since Kung Fu Panda, steadily increasing, this could pan out to be a fun movie.  The film is directed by Peter Ramsey, and so far, Leonardo DiCaprio is slated to star.

The Guardians Trailer

Not yet

Who’s It For?

Mostly for young kids, but if its like other Dreamworks films, it will be a great family film.


Nope.  Just look up pics of Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Jack Frost and the Tooth Fairy for now . . .

The Guardians Release Date

November 21, 2012

Who’s In It?

Leonardo DiCaprio

Related Movies

Kung Fu Panda, How to train your Dragon

What’s Good About The Guardians?

I’ll finally be ride of the terror of my life, the Boogy-man!

What’s Bad About It?

I have a lot of faith lately in Dreamworks and their animated films, but this does sound pretty lame.

Our Clever Prediction

Santa smashes the Boogy-man with a bag of presents, Easter Bunny pelts the Boogy-man with painted eggs, Tooth Fairy shoots teeth with a pea-shooter, and Jack Frost makes the Boogy-man uncomfortably cold.  Box office smash!