The Good Doctor (2012)

Good Doctor Poster
Good Doctor Poster

The Good Doctor is about a doctor who turns out to not be so good after all. A lonely and somewhat strange doctor diagnoses a beautiful girl with a rare disease, but he does a few bad things to keep her in the hospital so he can continue to see her.

Orlando Bloom plays the “Good Doctor” who is named Martin Blake. Dr. Blake is an ambitious guy, but he doesn’t have a wife or girlfriend, and I get the impression he’s a bit lonely. He doesn’t have the confidence he needs to really do well at his job, though he is smart and capable.

When a young woman shows up he takes a shining to her, and she to him. This gives him a boost in self-esteem, but it fades when she goes home. Dr. Blake is given the chance to change her meds and make her worse, therefore keeping her at the hospital, and he does. Thus begins his downward spiral into obsession and law-breaking.

LAW-BREAKING I SAY! Then more stuff happens and he goes for a swim. Thus says the trailer.

The Good Doctor

Lance Daly is the director of The Good Doctor, and I have an endless number of ideas for mocking his name.

I wake up with a stiff lance daily. BOOYAH. Sometimes I lance the ladies nightly. Lance Daly? Isn’t he Carson Daly’s brother, but with a larger, more firm and erect penis? Yes he is.

Or he isn’t. Mr. Boner, I mean Lance Daly, has directed a few smaller films before, but the Good Doctor is his biggest film to date. John Enbom wrote the screenplay, and he has some more experience, specifically as a writer/producer on the Terminator TV show a few years back.

The Good Doctor Trailer

The Good Doctor Release Date

August 31, 2012.


Who’s In It?

Legolas. I mean:
 Orlando Bloom … Dr. Martin Ploeck
  Riley Keough … Diane Nixon
  Taraji P. Henson … Nurse Theresa
  Rob Morrow … Dr. Waylans
  Michael Peña … Jimmy
  Troy Garity … Dan
  Molly Price … Mrs. Nixon
  Wade Williams … Mr. Nixon
  Sorel Carradine … Valerie
  Gary Cervantes¹ … Mr. Sanchez
  Monique Gabriela Curnen … Nurse Maryanne
  Jean St. James … Nurse Carol

What’s Good About It?

The story looks good, though a bit on the cliched side. While I’m not the biggest fan of Bloom, from the trailer this appears to be one of his better performances.

What’s Bad About It?

One of the better performances of Orlando Bloom’s career is like saying one of the more impressive shits of a constipated dog.

Evocative imagery? Oh yeah.

Our Clever Prediction

The Good Doctor is getting a limited release, so unless it turns out to be freaking outstanding I don’t see it making much money. It may serve as the kick in the ass Bloom’s career needs right now. He had a chance a few years back to be the next big thing, which he fully exploited by marrying supermodel Miranda Kerr (SHE SHOULD BE MINE), but he’s faded quite a bit.

Screw him.