The Giver (2013)


The Giver tells the story of a young boy living in a futuristic community that has all pain and emotion removed from society. Jonas is 12 years old and is chosen to receive all the memories of his community. He goes into training with The Giver, who is an old man who teaches him all the history of the world, including the wars, famine, and plagues that have haunted man’s history. Upon learning the truth about the world, Jonas must make some decisions about how he is to live his life, as his community is fake.

The Scoop

David Yates, who is currently finishing up the last two Harry Potter films, is currently attached to direct The Giver. The film is currently slated for release in 2011, but that seems unlikely, as the Potter franchise won’t conclude until next summer, more likely the film will be released in 2012. Before you ask, the film does seem like a retelling of Equilibrium, starring Christian Bale. And that movie was pretty stupid.

Update – We have been covering The Giver since 2010, and it appears it is finally close to being a reality. Word has it this will be a 2013 movie release with Jeff Bridges playing the role of the keeper of a futuristic community’s memories, as he sets out on the task of transferring those memories to a 12 year old boy named Jonas.


The Giver Release Date

Look for a 2013 release date

Who’s In It?

Jeff Bridges is confirmed.

Interesting Fact

Based on the popular novels by Lois Lowry.

What’s Good About It?

I have to admit I haven’t read the novels, but the concept could end up being amazing or utter crap. In the hands of a real artist, it would be great, but in the hands of a Hollywood director who will be known as the guy who directed the last 4 Harry Potter films? Let’s just say less hope.

What’s Bad About It?

After years of delays and re-writes, you have to wonder what the holdup was. Our guess is the writer and the talentless hacks at the production studio, didn’t agree on how to bring the novel to the big screen.

Our Clever Prediction

I see an average box office at best. I don’t see a franchise like Potter coming out of The Giver. Sure, I could be wrong, but that never happens.


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    I take offence to point number 1. The ‘preview’ was by Brian, but he openly states he never read the book. To be honest, if the book doesn’t have a bunch of illustrations, he doesn’t read much.

    Points 2 & 3 are pretty much correct.
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