The Flash (2016)

The Flash 2016 Movie Poster
The Flash 2016 Movie Poster

 The Flash (2016)

Fans of The Flash will be thrilled to learn the movie about the super speed ‘Crimson Comet’ is coming in 2016. Details are thin, and we are very curious as to which version of the Flash they will build the movie around. Fans of the DC comic know that Flash has been introduced 4 times over the years.  He has been known as Jay GarrickBarry Allen , Wally West and Bart Allen.

There have been a number of different Flashes over the years, but the most popular and most likely to receive a big screen treatment is Barry Allen. Allen is a police scientist, meaning he works for Central City’s CSI, and one night while working lightening strikes him and soaks him in chemicals. The result? A painful death. Oh, wait. That would be the outcome if I was struck by lightening. Allen gains super-speed. As a result, he becomes the superhero The Flash. Cause he ‘Flashes’ by the bad guys. Like a flash of lightening. He’s fast.

‘The Flash’ Trailer

No trailer yet.

The Flash Release Date

The Flash should be in theatres July 2016

Who’s In it?

It was just announced that Ezra Miller has been selected to play ‘The Flash’. What are your thoughts on this?

What’s Good About It?

The Flash is a compelling and under appreciated superhero that kids really need to get to know again. His powers are among the best, he is indeed one of the most feared superheroes in the DC universe, but nobody talks about him these days because they haven’t figured out how to market him to kids. Sad really. He doesn’t shoot webs, or turn green… so he’s neglected.

What’s Bad About It?

The only thing we are worried about is casting, and the script. I mean, look at what they did to The Green Lantern! Ezra Miller is an odd choice in my mind, but Snyder sees something in the young actor. Miller is relatively unknown, a big risk to hire on for the lead in a Superhero movie.

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